High School Anatomy Curriculum Preview!

I’m really close to finishing my brand-new high school anatomy curriculum! Click here for a preview of some of the books and other resources for the year! I still may add in a couple literature selections. 😉 There are also lots of goodies in the actual schedule that are not listed in the resources to purchase – like free videos, printables, interactive games online and more.

Guest Hollow’s High School Anatomy curriculum is going to be a great year full of fascinating books, hands-on labs & activities, videos and more. This anatomy curriculum goes way beyond a textbook and makes learning about the human body something that is not just informational, but entertaining, and even inspiring. Your students will not only learn about how the body works- they will read captivating and true stories of what happens when the human body isn’t working right. I’ve also included books with potentially life-changing and very practical information. This is knowledge your students can carry with them for a lifetime and not just forget as soon as they’ve moved on to something else.

Tired of history cores? Read most of the literature and nonfiction books I’m including and you’ve got yourself a SCIENCE core. Want to pare things down? Guest Hollow’s High School Anatomy is flexible. There will be a printable schedule you can adjust and change as much as you’d like. You can even swap out resources to take advantage of what’s available in your local library or home book shelves.

For those of you with younger students, this curriculum tracks right along with the brand-new Guest Hollow’s Jr. Anatomy curriculum (also coming out soon), as well as the current Otter’s Anatomy schedule, so that your kids of ALL ages can learn together.

I’ll be posting an update soon!