The Physics Curriculum is Posted!

homeschool physics curriculum

Our literature-based, conceptual (math-free) high school physics curriculum is ready to be purchased! Click here to read more about it.

Links are being updated!

I’m letting everyone know that my husband has now joined me in working on Guest Hollow curriculum and materials in a much more active role. He is working on updating all the curriculum schedule links to make sure every link is working, or replaced, if necessary. This will be done every year to make sure our schedules stay fresh and updated. We’re working hard to make Guest Hollow better than ever!
For those of you who are purchasing curriculum now, you will have access to the NEW printable versions of the schedules via the online schedule home page(s) for several months. Just use the login from your purchased curriculum schedule(s) to access. No need to worry about missing out on the new changes! New versions will be posted over the next few months. We’ll keep you updated here and via my blog.
Also, the physics curriculum is about 1-2 days from being finished. I’m really excited to share it and add it to our beloved high school science programs.
Students who’ve HATED their other science curriculum(s) really do love the switch to Guest Hollow!

Physics Curriculum Update!

Homeschool physics curriculum

I’m finished creating the (math-free!) high school physics schedule and am now working on finishing up the accompanying study guide (due to popular demand)! You can take a look at the curriculum in more detail here:…/highschool_p…/physics_home.html

You can also look at the scheduled books and resources here:…/highschool_…/physics_books.html

I’m up to week 17 in the study guide and furiously typing away to get it finished up! After the guide is finished and the online version of the schedule is posted, the curriculum will go live in my store – hopefully sometime this month! Please contact me via PM if you need it before then.

Happy homeschooling and a big thanks to those of you who voted for a physics curriculum! Grammar and American history are coming up next!

Physics Curriculum

physics curriculum

Just a heads-up: a math-free, text-book free high school physics curriculum is being worked on and should be released sometime in January! I’ve posted a small teaser of some of the books that are going to be included, above!

This has been a crazy year for my family. I “retired” from homeschooling in May when my youngest graduated, and then we moved to another state this summer. We finally moved into our new home in the forest just a little over a month ago, and are still getting settled. We are enjoying all of our new experiences of life in-the-middle-of-nowhere, including daily visits from wild turkeys, learning how to use a wood stove properly, and SNOW – something we never even had a flake of back in CA, as well as sub-zero temps for the first time. There are a few challenges to get used to, like satellite internet data caps (lol), chopping wood (thank you husband!), driving on dirt roads to get to our house, and hearing wolves howl at night. We LOVE our new life, though!

Despite all the moving-craziness, I’m back to work on curricula, so expect lots of goodies coming down the pipeline! 😉 The first release will be the high school physics. Subscribe to my blog or like my FB page to receive updates on what’s next!

I’ll be sharing more in the weeks to come!

Happy homeschooling!


The printable biology textbook is ready!

I’ve posted the printable PDF copy of Guest Hollow’s Biology textbook!

Guest Hollow’s Biology textbook was designed to be used / read online and is formatted for online use. I recommend using the online textbook, but realize that some families would like a paper copy of the book. That’s why I adapted the online pages into a PDF – because I love my customers and listen to your requests!

This adapted PDF version doesn’t provide the best viewing / formatting experience. It also contains some minor formatting errors. But, hey, it’s free! 😉

You can take the PDF file (all 596 pages!) to your local print shop and have it printed and comb bound or hole punched, to place in a binder.

Visit this page to access the PDF textbook link:

Happy homeschooling!


A Printable Biology Text is Coming!

Homeschool Biology Curriculum

Due to popular demand, a PRINTABLE copy of my biology textbook will be made available in the next few weeks. I am currently converting the online textbook to a printable PDF that you can take to a local copy shop to have printed out double sided and bound. The PDF copy will be free. You will just have to pay for your local print costs.

Happy homeschooling!


Access Cambridge Latin Online for Free

For a limited time, you can access the Cambridge Latin course, online, for free (link is at the bottom of this post). This is a terrific opportunity to take an in-depth look at their materials. Cambridge Latin is one of the Latin resources I used with Otter, and I really liked it a lot! It’s very easy to understand and has lots of resources to help you learn Latin, even without a Latin background. The textbooks are designed for schools, but I found the online course perfect for our homeschool. I love the interactive online practice items that really help you retain the material. I also really like how the online program has an audio narration, to help you with pronunciation (classical style).

A yearly subscription gets you access to terrific materials like an online version of the textbook. Here is a screenshot of one of the very beginning pages from Unit 1 / Stage 1:

cambridge latin

The online textbook is a mix of comic-book style stories, reading passages (immersion style learning), history information (with photographs), and exercises / explanations.

Immersion style learning means you are almost immediately reading longer passages of Latin and naturally learning the language without drowning in all the grammar rules. You pick up Latin “naturally” and learn a lot of the grammar just by reading and listening to it. You actually start reading and comprehending Latin right from the start!

You also get access to online exercises. The screenshot below shows the “Listen, Read, Think, and Derive” panel:

Cambridge Latin

With this panel you can read the story, listen to it read out loud, do the think exercises where you respond to questions about the passage, or study the words and phrases in more depth via the derive tab.

There is also a vocabulary tester:

Homeschool latin program

You can also play around with the word sorter to practice vocabulary and check your understanding of words & concepts:

Latin for homeschool

Homeschool Latin course

Another resource is an interactive digital version of the student workbooks with plenty of exercises to practice the textbook material:

Homeschool Latin The entire site is being restructured, so the new version that’s coming out may be even better than what I’ve posted above.

Click here to take a look! I can’t find a price for the online course subscription listed at this time (probably since they are in the process of restructuring their website), but I remember it was very reasonable.

Cambridge also offers online distance courses and other materials which are available via their official site: . They even have webcam lessons!

If you are interested in teaching or learning Latin, Cambridge Latin is one of my favorite resources!  I really enjoyed it and benefited immensely from the immersion style of learning. Cambridge Latin, in my opinion, is most appropriate for high schoolers or adults, although a motivated middle schooler could probably use it successfully with a parent’s help . I used it in combination with a few other programs (when learning languages I find I learn best with a multitude of resources), and still have it on my shelf for myself, even though I am now officially “retired” from homeschooling. wink

Happy homeschooling!


The Oops Sale!

For the first time in years, parts of my website were down this afternoon/evening. Due to the inconvenience caused to potential customers and because it’s back-to-school time, I’m offering a coupon code of 15% off of your entire cart on anything in my store. Have fun shopping for back-to-school! This coupon code will expire on Sunday the 21st.

Just enter in the following code when making a purchase:


Thank you for your patience and thanks to everyone for supporting Guest Hollow!

Solar Power via the SunJack…

Besides creating homeschool curriculum, I also sometimes write reviews for products. Most of those product reviews are on Amazon. In fact, my current reviewer ranking # is 540 (top 1000 out of anyone / everyone who writes reviews on Amazon )! This translates into getting lots of interesting items for free or a discount in exchange for a review through Amazon sellers. It’s taken me several years to build my reviewer ranking up, but it’s been well worth the time invested.  Recently I was asked to test and review a solar charger that we actually really need/want, but the review needs to be posted on my blog, so here it is. I know a lot of you who are homeschooling are into a more natural lifestyle and the like, so you might find this interesting. Christmas is also coming up (for those of you who are early shoppers, LOL), so if you have a husband into prepping, a science minded kid, or if your family hikes a lot or lives where the power goes out, this is a REALLY great item….a SunJack portable solar charger!

P.S. Some homeschool news is posted at the end of this post. 😉

solar charger

The dog moved when I was taking the picture with my tablet – hence the goofy ghost paws. 😉

I’ve tried some smaller solar power banks, and it turns out that they aren’t very efficient and take days (on average) to fully charge. The SunJack solves the problem with a much more powerful solar cells that are strong enough to not only run my tablet when it’s on, but also charge it to 100% without leaving it in the sun all day. I’m VERY pleased, as this means we can charge both of our phones, tablet, solar lights, and other goodies when we are “off-the-grid” and also when exploring the local area on treks/hikes/camping trips.

The SunJack is NOT cheap, and you might be wondering if it’s worth the steep price tag. If you need the ability to charge USB items (phone, tablets, camping lights, small USB fans, Kindle, etc.), I think it’s worth the investment. Homeschoolers have  the added educational bonus, too, lol. Seriously, this is something Otter would have LOVED to play with. 😉

I did a bit of research about the efficiency of solar cells. The SunJack’s efficiency is rated at 19%. This means that in combination with latitude and the climate, it can convert 19% of the sunlight energy it captures into electrical energy. It seems that there aren’t many solar cells out there that can do much more with a few exceptions, especially at this price point.

The SunJack comes with a 8000mah batter/power bank that has enough power to charge an iPhone 6 Plus about 2.7 times. I kept my Kindle Fire 8 HD tablet plugged to it and turned on for 2 days and I only ran the batter down halfway. Then I hooked the battery up to a Bluetooth speaker and a Kindle Fire 7 and while using those items like a radio. By morning I finally ran the battery down to the point where it was there was only 1 blue indicator light blinking (to indicate the battery was low). The battery / power bank detaches from the SunJack via a USB cord – which is nice that it’s not tethered.

sunjack solar power

It might be worthwhile to purchase a 2nd battery to charge with the 1st one is being used. It took me about 7 hours to fully charge the battery/power bank. When it’s fully charged, the 5 blue indicator lights are solid, when you push the power button. The battery is a terrific feature that you can power up using the sun initially, and then use it to charge items when the sun isn’t shining! You can also plug the battery straight into a USB charger via a wall outlet for convenience sake. The SunJack has a built in voltage regulator so that you can’t overcharge the battery pack.

sunjack solar power

When the sun IS shining, the SunJack works pretty well as an instant charger – just like plugging your gadget(s) into a wall socket! This is its most amazing feature, as far as I’m concerned. I hooked my tablet directly up to the SunJack via a USB cord. I kept it running AND charging at the same time. The SunJack was able to charge it 10% in about 40 minutes. That’s not bad considering that the tablet was ON and the SunJack wasn’t in constant direct sunlight the entire time. It was also the late afternoon heading into the evening. It puts out 5 volts, so it should be able to charge any USB item that has that requirement. I read in the questions and answers that the SunJack can’t charge a laptop (via an official answer by the seller). It worked great for my tablet, though! The official description says it can charge a phone in 90 minutes, and I think that is a pretty correct assessment, as long as you put it in full sun.

As for construction – the SunJack is really well put together. When it’s all folded up, it only takes up about 9 x 7 inches and weighs about 2 pounds. It features a zipper net style pouch where the battery is stored via slipping into a stretchy strap. There are also 2 USB ports and an included plug to plug in either the battery for charging purposes, or an electronic device, if you want to run it directly off the SunJack. One of the USB ports is high power, the other low power. You can plug two items in at one time. The solar panels are covered by a water-resistant material (probably a polyester??). It stays closed and folded up via a Velcro. When you unfold it, it’s 30.75 inches long by 9.25 inches wide (AND 1.75” thick). The solar panels are mono-crystalline and protected by plastic panels. All of the stitching of the case is sturdy and well done. There are 2 carabiners that you can attach to various loops located in different places, so you can hang the SunJack on the back of your pack, a tree, or other object. I used it lying flat on the grass and angled toward the sun on a chair.

sunjack solar charger

I’m really impressed with the SunJack and know it will be the first solar charger we pull out when the power goes out, or when we are backpacking out in a forest far from civilization. 😉 It puts out enough juice to keep our important items running, and I love the freedom of using just the sun to power things up. If you are looking for something for your bugout box, homestead, camping trip, emergency kit, kid’s science project, or hike – the SunJack is pricey, but it actually gets the job done when it comes to charging things up.

Click here to go to the official website, or here to buy a SunJack from Amazon.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a SunJack for free from Sunjack in consideration for a gear review.


Keep a lookout for my new, terrific language arts unit about prepositions! I’ll be posting it soon. It will be the first in a series of grammar units for elementary age. It is truly the most fun and hands-on grammar unit I’ve seen (in my biased opinion, lol).  I also plan on starting work on a NON MATH high school physics course sometime this late fall. American history will follow physics! Subscribe to my blog for updates, or keep an eye on my Facebook page!

A terrific addition to your homeschool…

It’s almost back-to-school time for those of you who don’t homeschool year round! I can’t believe how quickly the summer has flown by. Our youngest graduated this past May, so I’m not partaking in my usual summer curriculum shopping, but I thought I’d share one of the items that got a LOT of use in my homeschool over the years for those of you who are. It’s not often that I ever found one item that could literally last me years, but Startwrite is one of the exceptions. I certainly got my money’s worth from it! I hope my sharing this review will help some of you who are still putting things together for the up-and-coming school year!

Startwrite is a handwriting “worksheet wizard” that has so many applications (of which I’ll discuss more in detail later in this post). I used it from the time my kids were little and still needed to trace letters, all the way up until middle school when they still needed some handwriting practice and/or copywork.

I am a big believer in handwriting – not just neat print, but also cursive. Learning cursive has cognitive benefits that are important for learning success and brain development.

Here’s an excerpt from a NY Times  article:

… learning to write in cursive is shown to improve brain development in the areas of thinking, language and working memory. Cursive handwriting stimulates brain synapses and synchronicity between the left and right hemispheres, something absent from printing and typing. As a result, the physical act of writing in cursive leads to increased comprehension and participation.

Another article in Psychology Today talks about the biological and psychology benefits from learning cursive:

Handwriting dynamically engages widespread areas of both cerebral hemispheres. Virginia Berninger, a researcher and professor of educational psychology at the University of Washington, says that brain scans during handwriting show activation of massive regions of the brain involved in thinking, language, and working memory.

Another article states:

…scientists are discovering that learning cursive is an important tool for cognitive development, particularly in training the brain to learn “functional specialization,”[2] that is capacity for optimal efficiency. In the case of learning cursive writing, the brain develops functional specialization that integrates both sensation, movement control, and thinking. Brain imaging studies reveal that multiple areas of brain become co-activated during learning of cursive writing of pseudo-letters, as opposed to typing or just visual practice.

Studies have also shown that parts of the brain needed for reading are stimulated, and that writing by hand allows children to express more ideas and to produce words more quickly than they can when typing. Good handwriting activates more regions of the brain (associated with language, memory, and reasoning), and also has been shown to help improve learning difficulties like dyslexia, enhance auditory learning, and more! You can do a Google search for more info, if you are like me and love the science behind why cursive is so important to teach.

A lot of parents think it’s O.K. to forgo the time consuming process of teaching handwriting, especially cursive, as it’s just not “needed” in this age of typing and digital communication, but I strongly disagree. I think it’s a very important part of a homeschool, and made sure my children had plenty of opportunities to practice it.

So, now that I made my case as to WHY you should teach handwriting and cursive in your homeschool, I’ll share my love for the Startwrite program! Startwrite makes it really easy to get this important skill accomplished with the least amount of difficulty and cost.

For 39.95 (as of this writing), you can get Startwrite version 6 – the newest version of Startwrite’s software program. You can instantly download it from the website and have up and running in just a matter of minutes.

If you have an older version, you may be wondering if the upgrade is worth it. I think so! Version 6 has so many nice upgrades and is so much easier to use with many more options to truly customize your handwriting and copywork printables. You can click here to see the differences in a handy table.  If you already own an earlier version of the program, you can upgrade for a special price of $19.95.

Most handwriting workbooks run from about $10 to $14. Copywork books aren’t cheap either, and often you can’t find any that match exactly what you want to teach. If you have multiple children and want to have them learn and practice handwriting over several years, that can add up quickly! With Startwrite, you can make all of the handwriting sheets you will ever need for your entire family AND use it for other things like copywork for a multitude of subjects. That is a significant cost savings, plus you have the ability to totally customize what your children are writing / copying.

Before sharing how the program works and some of the great features, I’ll share some of the things I used Startwrite for in my homeschool.

  • Handwriting lessons and practice
  • Bible scripture copywork and memorization
  • Copywork for a variety of subjects like science, history, etc.
  • Spelling word practice
  • Character trait pages
  • Poetry memorization (copywork)
  • CHP Police Explorer code memorization worksheets
  • History & science notebooking – You can add in your own .jpg images to make some amazing notebooking pages!!

You can also use it to create some math pages with the clock and money fonts. See the screenshots for examples:

Various clock faces for telling time worksheets (some have a.m. and p.m. next to them to expand your options):

clock font

Coins – There are dimes, pennies, quarters, and dollars:

money fontquarters font

Counting items – There are math fonts that allow you to place numbers of items together for counting worksheets. You can get numbers in other fonts, too – not just how you see them depicted below.


Yet another option is to create phonics practice sheets. Startwrite comes with some free clip-art you can add to your worksheets in both color and black-and-white. You can also add in your own clipart and artwork by importing .jpgs, as you can in Microsoft Word and other word processing programs.

phonics clip art

You might be wondering if Startwrite is a good fit, if you’ve chosen a specific type of handwriting to teach your child. You’ll be happy to know the program comes with most of the well-known fonts that are featured in many homeschoolers’ favorite handwriting programs like:


There are also other fonts for those of you who are homeschooling “down under” like:

  • Victoria Manuscript and Cursive
  • Queensland Manuscript and Cursive
  • New South Wales Manuscript and Cursive

Last of all, there is a Palmer style manuscript and cursive. You also have access to your system fonts, just like any other word processing program.

Cursive fonts are a joy to work with in the program. They link up instantly and perfectly as you type with no additional steps you have to take like some other handwriting fonts  or programs for sale. I personally believe Startwrite is the EASIEST program to use for linking cursive. It also does (in my opinion) the nicest job. The fonts look terrific, smooth, and sharp when printed out, without any odd connecting letters as I’ve seen in some handwriting fonts trying to approximate D’Nealian cursive and other typefaces. I’m an artist /illustrator, so I’m picky about that sort of thing. Startwrite delivers. Please note that it does look sort of pixelated and junky (at least to my eyes) in the program preview, but once you print your worksheets out, they look beautiful.

Startwrite works like most word processors with lots of options for text, adding images, and much more. Open up the program and you’ll see this (I’ve loaded a lesson template):

startwrite review

Along the top borders you have everything you need to get going. You can choose if you want ruled lines and can change the colors of those lines. You can choose how you want those lines to appear (baseline? descender line? top line? etc.). It’s super-easy to add in pictures and to move things around on the page. You can add in borders, highlight areas you want your kids to pay extra attention to, and more.

You can choose your font and how you want that font displayed. Some of the options you have:

  • Stroke arrows
  • Beginning dot – where to start writing a letter
  • Letter outlines (to trace inside)
  • Decision dots
  • Connect-the-dots
  • Color letters

You can also choose the intensity and shading of the dots and letters.

The possibilities are pretty much endless. You are constrained to working within Startwrite’s software program, but the program is quite robust. It also comes with a variety of practice templates for handwriting already built in – a real time saver if you are just starting to teach handwriting. There are also some terrific videos on the website to get you up and running, if you are a visual learner.

Startwrite isn’t just for little kids! You can use it for your 6th grader with the sloppy handwriting, or for a teen who needs some additional handwriting or copywork practice, but is too old for 99% of the workbooks available for that purpose. Just type up some age-appropriate practice sheets and you’re older student will be on his/her way to improving handwriting skills, or working on grammar, punctuation, or other skills that may still need a bit of “brushing up”.

Startwrite is one of those resources I think every homeschool should have. I used my copy of the software for years for all sorts of purposes and ultimately saved a lot of money. I also loved how I could easily whip up some notebooking pages that had to do with exactly what we were studying with a minimum of effort!

If you’d like to purchase a copy of Startwrite, click here!

You can also click on the link above to get a free, fully functioning demo of the program! The above link is an affiliate link, so your purchase helps support Guest Hollow!

You can also sign up to become a Startwrite affiliate and receive 60% commission on all the sales through your blog or website. I know you homeschool moms like making a little extra $$, so I’m sharing that nifty tidbit in this review, as well. 😉

In other news, I have decided to start working on a non-math high school physics course sometime this late fall, followed by a 3 level American history program. I’ll keep everyone posted via my blog here, and over on my Facebook page!

Happy homeschooling!