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Supplementary Math Workbooks and other math "misc."

Math workbooks make a nice break from a traditional curriculum. We use our workbooks on Fridays instead of our regular math program(s). Most of the workbooks have a hands-on element that the kids really look forward to. Sometimes I also pull out books like these on days where things just aren't clicking and maybe one of the kids needs a "break" and something a little more "fun".

Some of these workbooks will require that you have certain manipulatives. I will put them in parenthesis. You can get more information about each type of manipulative here.

DON'T let a "grade level" on a workbook dictate what is or is not right for your child. Our youngest has used some of these workbooks at an earlier grade and our oldest at a much more advanced grade and both have benefited.

One more thing - there are many other great workbooks out there. These are just some that are on our own shelves. If you have a workbook or material to recommend, please let us know!


Addition Songs (music CD)
Calculus By and For Young People Ages 7 and up (to adult)

This site is difficult to navigate, but the items available are worth slogging around for. Check out the free samples. I recommend these items for young "gifted" math students, or to help spark interest / understanding in an older student.

Coin-Clue Puzzles Grades 3 and up
Everything’s Coming Up Fractions Grades 4-6 (Cuisenaire rods)
Exploring with Pattern Blocks Grades 4-6 (Pattern blocks)
Factor City 4-8

*You will need a set of foam factor blocks to go with the above workbook.

Factor Frenzy This is an electronic math game mat to practice multiplication and divison.
Flashmaster This is a hand held math drill game, not a workbook. It's appropriate for any grade level where you need to do some basic practice and timed drills.
From Here to There with Cuisenaire Rods - Grades 4-9
Area, Perimeter and Volume (Cuisenaire rods)
Geometry and Fractions With Pattern Blocks Book Grades 3-6 (Pattern blocks)
Geometry and Fractions with Geoboards Grades 3-6 (Geoboard and rubber bands)
Mental Math in Jr. High Middle school or a high schooler who needs to practice mental math
Multiplication Songs (music CD)
Patternables K-6 (Pattern blocks)
Rods-Clue Puzzles Grades 5 and up (Cuisenaire rods)
Rolling in the Dough 1-9
Singapore Math Supplementary Books Choose your child's grade or ability level and see what supplements are available.
Spatial Problem Solving with Cuisenaire Rods 4-9 (Cuisenaire rods)
Subtraction Songs (music CD)
Tangram Treasury Book 1-9 depending on which book you purchase (Tangrams)
Times Tables the Fun Way (We have the software, magnet board with magnetic characters and the workbook.)



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