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Otter's Botany

Week 15

Main topics: Photosynthesis


Day 1

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Botany for Dummies

Chapter 6 - skip (unless upper high school)

Chapter 7: Photosynthesis
p. 109-112
Rethinking the role of soil
Van Helmont's experiment
Nutrients in the soil


p. 112-115
Photosynthesis fundamentals
Catching rays with pigments



Worms Eat Our Garbage: Classroom Activities for a Better Environment

p. 68
p. 69

p. 70
p. 71

p. 72
p. 73

p. 74
p. 75

p. 76
p. 77

Botany curriculum





p. 204 Lapbook: Photosynthesis review leaf with pull-out tabs

Essential Atlas of Botany Essential Atlas of Botany




p. 18-21


The Botany Coloring BookThe Botany Coloring Book

Section 5: Capturing solar energy
(*high school)


Section 7: Energy transfer and utilization
(*high school)

Section 8: Modes of Plant Nutrition
(*high school)



Botany curriculum

Chapter 1
Plant cells and photosynthesis

Note: Your student will be REVIEWING cells in this chapter, as they were already covered in a previous week. Cells are so important though for biology, that I feel it's a good idea to cover this topic again.

p. 214 Lapbook: Draw a cell

Choose a book or books

How Did We Find Out About Photosynthesis
Read this week. Skip last section, which contains lots of evolution.

Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln's Mother and Other Botanical Atrocities
p. 95 Here Comes the Sun

Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln's Mother and Other Botanical Atrocities
p. 99 Manchineel Tree

Respiration and Photosynthesis (Sci-Hi: Life Science)

Respiration and Photosynthesis


100 Flowers and How They Got Their Names

p. 77-78 Read about Foxglove


p. 223-225 Read about the Weigela


p. 79-80 Read about the Fuchsia

Fifty Plants that Changed the Course of History

Fifty Plants That Changed the Course of History




p. 122 Lavender


p. 124 Crab apple


Experiments, Labs, Activities & Kits



Lavender Tea Cookies We grow lavender in our yard so we may actually try this recipe!


Microwave applesauce
We've made various versions of this before. It's so easy and good!








Photosynthesis poster project





Wonders of Creation video online: plants







Photosynthesis Formula Game



Nature, Journaling and Art









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