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This is an old topics schedule that I didn't finish. It also contains some of my plans for Little Otter's Botany (at the bottom of each linked topics page), which also wasn't finished. I will flesh out Little Otter's Botany in the future, but for now, you can use my old plans that weren't finished. ;-)



Botany Topics

Topic 1: Intro to Botany & Chocolate

Topic 2: Classification

Topic 3: Plant Cells (and wheat)

Topic 4: Stems / Grass (and sugar)

Topic 5: Roots (and potatoes)

Topic 6: Worms & Dirt (and tulips)

Topic 7: Peanuts

Topic 8: Leaves (and tea)

Topic 9: Introduction to Plant Reproduction (and foods of America changed the world)

Topic 10: Seeds (and vanilla & coffee)

Topic 11: Cones & Flowers

Topic 12: Pollen & Bees

Topic 13: Fruits

Topic 14: Photosynthesis

Topic 15: Moving Materials Through Plants (and rice)

Topic 16: Regulating Plant Development and Growth (and corn)

Topic 17: Asexual and Sexual Plant Reproduction

Topic 18: Plant Genetics & Gregor Mendel

Topic 19: Characteristics of Plants in Different Environments

Topic 20: Mosses, Ferns, Etc.

Topic 21: Fungi

Topic 22: Gymnosperms

Topic 23: Angiosperms (and spices)

Topic 24: Plant Ecology

Topic 25: Trees

Topic 26: Biotechnology (and soybeans)

Topic 27: Plant Uses (and cotton)

Topic 28: Interesting and Strange Plants










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