Knowledge of Nature Curriculum - Chemistry & Physics for small folks!

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Week 22



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Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics
Lesson 10: Light of the World

Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics (Young Explorer Series)


p. 173-174
Eye See
Blue Skies

p. 174-175
Primary Colors

p. 176
Beams of Monochromatic Light

p. 176-177
Bouncing Light

p. 178-179
Paragraphs that goes with the Try This activities


p. 174 Try This: making orange light with milk

p. 174 Try This: mixing light to make white

p. 175 Try This: spinning colors

p. 176 Try This: remote control light

p. 176 Narrate what you've learned about light.

p. 177 Try This: bouncy ball

p. 177 Try This: which item is most reflective?

p. 178 Try This: reflective surfaces

p. 178 Try This: angled light

p. 179 Try This: reflecting toy

p. 179 Narrate what you've learned about reflections.

Science Reading

Basher Science: The Complete Periodic Table: All the Elements with Style!

Basher Science

p. 120-121 Chlorine

p. 122-123 Bromine

p. 124-125 Iodine

p. 126 Astatine

p. 127 Element 117

Thomas Edison: Young Inventor (Childhood of Famous Americans)

Thomas Edison: Young Inventor (older students)

Chapters 11-12

Chapters 13-14

Chapters 15-16

Chapter 17 (End!)


Literature Link

A Book About Color: A Clear and Simple Guide for Young Artists

A Book About Color: A Clear and Simple Guide for Young Artists


Read today.




Notebooking / Printables


Crayola human eye coloring page






How to draw anime eyes





Crafts & Activities



Color wheel cupcakes - I did this activity with my son and we loved it.

Exploratorium Experiment: Make a Pringles camera

Paper towel color wheel activity











Gizmo: Additive colors - Turn on the red, blue, and yellow spotlights. Overlap them to make colors. You can do this instead of the Try This activity on p. 174. You have 5 minutes in which this Gizmo is free. That's plenty of time to explore!


Interactive color wheel




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