Order help

Below is an explanation how a Guest Hollow store purchase works, how to access your files once they are purchased, how to use a curriculum schedule, and how to access the online schedule(s). Click on the pictures to see them full size.


When you find what you’d like to purchase, click the “Add to cart” button.



Once you’ve added an item to your cart, you can access the cart in one of two places. You can find it in the upper right-hand corner of the sidebar:


or, you can find it in the navigation bar, near the top of the page as seen here:



You can click on your cart at anytime, to view the items you wish to purchase. Once you are ready to purchase an item, you will want to go to the checkout. You can access the checkout page from your cart, or the navigation bar at the top of the page.



The checkout screen looks like this:


Fill out your information in the appropriate spaces, and enter in a coupon code, if you have one. If you are a returning customer, you can click the returning customer link at the top. There is no need to fill out the order notes box, unless you want to leave a hello/thank-you. 😉

PLEASE tick the box that says “Create an account?”, if you wish to access your downloads at a future date. This is not required, but I suggest doing so, in case you lose your file or need to redownload it at a future date. We cannot be responsible, though, for downloads that are not available in the future, for any reason.

NOTE: If for some reason you cannot or will not use PayPal, but still want to purchase an item, please contact us by email to arrange an alternate method of payment.


Once you’ve clicked on “Proceed to PayPal”, you will go to a page that looks like this:


Please note that it says “Memorable Places”, as that is our business’s name. You can either choose to login to PayPal, if you already have an account, or you can click the “Pay with a debit card or credit card” link. You do not have to have a PayPal account in order to make a purchase.

In the example screenshot below, I have clicked on the “Pay with a debit card or credit card” link and then pushed the “No Thanks” link (as in, no, I don’t want to bother joining PayPal). You can do whatever you choose, of course. 🙂


You will now be taken to a page to enter in your credit card info., etc. Do that and confirm.


Once you have made your payment, you will see this page:


Please click the “Return to Memorable Places” link, which will take you back to the Guest Hollow store and give you INSTANT access to your downloads, without having to wait for a confirmation email.

This is what you’ll see next, for a few seconds. You can wait to be redirected, or you can click the “click here” link to go instantly to the page with your download links.


Once you’ve clicked that link, you will see a page like this with your download links:


Click on the blue links to start your downloads. You don’t have to download all of the files. Just pick the type of files you want.

  • .pdf is for Acrobat PDF files that can only be printed. Choose this file if you just want to print your curriculum schedule, and don’t want to edit it.
  • .odt is an editable file in Open Office format. Open Office is a free program that works like Microsoft Word. This format will work best for those who have a Mac and wish to edit the schedule, or those who don’t have MS Word. Open Office can open .docx files, but it may change the formatting.
  • .docx is an editable file in Microsoft Word format.
  • Some curricula will have free printables. Those files will always have the “printables” designation in the name and be in PDF format. You will want to make sure to download them, as they are to be used as assignments with your curriculum schedule.

BUT WAIT…..what do you do if you didn’t click the link on the PayPal page to access the instant download(s) and are waiting for an email with the download links??

You will get two emails. One from PayPal, and one from the Guest Hollow store. The PayPal email only confirms your purchase. It does not have download links in it. The Guest Hollow email is the one that contains download links.

PayPal email (as seen in my email inbox):


PayPal email (opened up):


Guest Hollow email (as seen in my inbox):


Guest Hollow email (opened up):


Just click on the download links in blue. Please note that these links EXPIRE anywhere from 90 days to 1 year after your purchase. You must log in to your account to access NEW links, if you don’t download the items linked in the email within the first 24 hours of your purchase. You have a total of 5 times to download each item.

BUT WAIT…..I don’t see the Guest Hollow email!! What do I do??

You will want to “whitelist” or “allow” the following address if you have email spam filters or other things that could block incoming email before you see it:


Please check your spam filter or junkmail folder. Here are some examples of spam / junkmail folders in different email programs:


Webmail 1 – Notice the Spam  *and* Junk folders. You may need to check both of these folders.



If you still can’t find the email with the links anywhere, please email us at guesthollow@memorableplaces.com, and we’ll send you your files or help you figure out why you are not getting your downloads, after we confirm your order. Please be patient if we don’t get to your email right away. We try to be available to help as soon as possible, but we are sometimes sick, busy, working, or on vacation, etc. 🙂

OR, if you signed up for an account when you made your purchase, you can log in and access your downloads yourself. Just go to the “my account” link in the page navigation bar:


Once you’ve logged into your account (using the email and password you entered in while ordering), you will see something like this:


Click on the view button. You will then see the links for the products you purchased. Remember, you can only download each item 5 times.

Ok, I downloaded my curriculum schedule. How do I use it?

You’ll notice that the schedule is divided into 5 weekdays, Monday through Friday. Each column shows you what to do on each day. Things that span multiple columns can be done on any day you wish. Think of the activities (and even the reading assignments) as a BUFFET of things to choose from. You can do them all, or you can pick-and-choose as your schedule, interests, and time allow. Don’t let the schedule rule you! YOU are in charge.

With the editable schedule, feel free to edit any of the schedule entries to best reflect how YOU would like to teach. You can also easily substitute books. Maybe you don’t have a specific title at your library. Find a similar book and just plug it in. It’s as easy as that!


Ok, I downloaded my curriculum schedule. How do I use it?

In the curriculum schedule you will find a login and password, as well as a URL. The information looks similar to this:

The login and password are NOT your store login and password. I recommend you copy and paste the login information to prevent any typing errors (which happens frequently with our help tickets). 😉

Once you’ve entered in the information, you should be able to access the online schedule.

We hope you have a wonderful year homeschooling with Guest Hollow. Thanks for joining our family and helping support our small, home business! We are very grateful for all of our customers!

If you have any other questions after reading this help page, please email us at guesthollow@memorableplaces.com. We’ll try to answer as quickly as we can. 🙂