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Save over 10% on a combined Beowulf’s Grammar package! Get both the workbook and the teacher’s manual together!

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Please read the information at the following link before purchasing:  Click here for more detailed information about this curriculum.

What your purchase of Beowulf’s Grammar Bundle gets you:

  • A printable (digital) 400+ page PDF of Beowulf’s Grammar
  • A printable (digital) 143 page PDF of Beowulf’s Grammar Teacher’s Manual

Please click here for more detailed information about this curriculum. You will find an FAQ, a downloadable table of contents that lists the curriculum topics, and more!

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1 review for Beowulf’s Grammar Bundle – Save over 10%!

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brenda (verified owner)

    I received a review copy of Beowulf’s Grammar.

    This is a playful grammar program for elementary aged students. I was impressed at both how cute it is and how deep it goes. It covers material that goes beyond the previous grammar programs I have used.

    I started out this program with my 3rd and 5th graders over a short break to try it with my students, give them some more grammar practice, and give them another perspective on grammar. They loved it so much that when I asked if they wanted to continue it when we started up school again, even though it would be in addition to our normal all-in-one English curriculum, they enthusiastically shouted, “Yes!” One of them even sat gushing to dad one night about how much she loves “the new grammar,” telling him all about her favorite prepositions.

    We are not done with the program yet; we’ve done about half of the curriculum (through the section teaching on direct and indirect objects). My kids have enjoyed what we’ve done. I do think they’ve gained a deeper understanding on the topics they had already covered and also a good understanding on the topics that were new to them. The various types of practice and review both keep the program fun rather than monotonous and ensure strong understanding of the topics.

    There are comics, worksheets, games, and lapbook type activities to teach and practice the parts of speech, basic punctuation, parts of the sentence, sentence analysis, and diagramming. I recommend using this curriculum on a computer, laptop, or tablet rather than printing it as it has a lot of color pages. If you were to print, some pages would need to be printed single sided (as you cut parts of the page out), and some could be printed double sided (which would save paper). We do this curriculum on a large format tablet with a PDF annotation program to write where needed. When we get to a page that requires printing, we print out those pages as needed. If I didn’t have an easy way to annotate a PDF, I’d probably do a lot of the exercises orally.

    The teacher book includes a suggested 33-week schedule, miniature versions of the student pages (with solutions), and suggestions for teaching, clarification, and extra activities. This would be an easy program to compact into less time if you wanted it to be done sooner than 33-weeks (if you were using it for review or an older child).

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