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This is for a printable schedule of my free high school biology curriculum. If you’d like to view the free schedule online or read more about it, click here. Why purchase a printable schedule when you can see one online for free? Read more below!


Homeschool biology currciulum

This is for a printable schedule of my free high school biology curriculum. If you’d like to view the free schedule online or read more about it, click here. Why purchase a printable schedule when you can see one online for free? Here are a few reasons:

  • You can edit the Microsoft Word file to make it a perfect fit for your family and the resources you have available.
  • Some homeschool teachers like to keep their schedules in a binder for easy access.
  • You don’t want to be online much during the day or your Internet access isn’t reliable.
  • You like to mark up your schedules.
  • luvYou’d like to support our hard work and help make Guest Hollow viable as a home business

Your purchase gets you TWO types of printable schedules. You get a .docx file (Microsoft Word) that you can edit, and a PDF file that you can’t edit.


3 reviews for Guest Hollow’s Biology Curriculum Schedule

  1. 5 out of 5

    I cannot even tell you how much Biology curricula I looked at before I finally (thankfully) found this one! It saved our year! It went along with my daughter’s learning style so much better than a boring textbook-only approach, heavy on the math with expensive, impossible labs. This one made biology do-able. We enjoyed (as a family) so many videos. The online lab options were life-savers some weeks. The worst part is having to leave stuff out because there is no way you can do it all! So much to choose from!

  2. 5 out of 5

    I was so anxious and felt so unequipped to teach my son his high school level courses starting this year. I wasn’t sure what curriculum I was going to use for science until a friend talk to me about this curriculum. I was so pleased and blessed to be a recipient of such a wealth of resources in this Biology curriculum. Couple of moms and I started our own co-op using this curriculum and are having such a blast seeing the kids enjoy it so much and learn in such an interactive way. I love all the resources that were put together for this curriculum. We love the videos the additional books and the fact that the links are free. The outstanding quality of this curriculum is beyond what I expected. I always dreaded having to create weekly schedules and planning a full curriculum. This course is set up week by week with all the instructions very clear and easy to follow even if my kids wanted to donut on their own.
    Love it love it love it!!! I’m very greatful that someone took the time to bless others so abundantly! May God continue to bless your efforts.. Thank you for this gift!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Here are two reviews of Guest Hollow Biology, the first one written by me, the second one by my teen daughter.

    Parent Review: We used Apologia science books for a number of years and they worked well for us. When we got to Biology though my daughter began to struggle. The reading was difficult, the material hard to understand. She loves science, but I could see the joy of learning Biology fading fast. Enter Guest Hollow. It was recommended to me by other Homeschool Moms, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

    First of all, the textbook is free, which made it easy to give it a try. The lessons are laid out in an easy-to-read format. Each lesson contains videos to help cement the concepts, which is especially good for students who are visual learners.

    The curriculum comes complete with a weekly schedule that simplifies things for the Homeschool Parent. It really is Open and Go. There are optional labs within Guest Hollow Biology, plus supplementary reading suggestions, and printable worksheets (except for the last three chapters but I’m hopeful those will be added).

    My daughter has done very well using this Biology curriculum. It’s mostly independent, and she has been able to understand and retain the material. I wasn’t sure about her using an online curriculum since we have never used one before, but she really likes that aspect of it.

    Student Review: Guest Hollow is a very easy to use, very clean formatted biology. I really enjoy using it. I like how they explain things in an easy to understand form, not too over my head. I like the videos that are inserted throughout the text. It helps me grasp some concepts that I may not be getting just by reading the text. Some of them are interactive, which is neat cause it is almost like a lab.

    So, to sum it all up: We love Guest Hollow Biology! I anticipate that we will follow this year up with Guest Hollow’s Chemistry. Thank you for a great curriculum!

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