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Guest Hollow is a small homeschool materials company that specializes in creating unique and engaging curriculums, printables, and books (all in digital format for download and viewing online) for homeschool instructors. As a literal ‘mom & pop company’, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and offering the most interesting and easily followed schedules available. Our fun and flexible curricula are specifically designed to captivate both gifted and reluctant learners. Our award-winning materials cover grades ranging from Pre-K through High School.

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Guest Hollow, LLC News and Announcements:

5/15/2023 – We’re creating an early American history curriculum for K-3 and 4-8 that tracks with our high school level. Now families will have the option of learning American history family-style!

3/2023 – Jr. Geography got a HUGE update. It was rewritten to match the high school level and the booklist was also massively revised. Current customers can find the new update in your downloads. We also now offer a Geography Bundle!

1/31/2023 – Our newest curriculum is LIVE! We are so excited to present Guest Hollow’s Government, Economics, and Personal Finance Curriculum!

Wonderful Curriculum

Guest Hollow curricula are designed to capture and hold the attention of your students. They are stuffed full of great books, activities, videos, recipes, and more.  

Everything Guest Hollow creates is designed to free students from the traditional textbook approach and propel them into nurturing a true love of learning that will last a lifetime. We’ve taken our 20+ years experience homeschooling and designed curricula and materials that are flexible, informative, and fun!

Take a look at our free samples on each curriculum page and see for yourself why so many students and parents want to stick with the Guest Hollow style of learning!

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Families love our award-winning curriculums!

Find out why students love Guest Hollow and how our subjects inspire a love for learning.

Guest Hollow makes learning fun for all ages with flexible schedules.

We have curricula for preschool through high school!

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Why choose Guest Hollow?

Kids who’ve disliked their other curriculum(s) love the switch to Guest Hollow! That’s the comment we have heard over and over again, and it’s no wonder. Guest Hollow’s non-traditional approach features curricula that not only make use of outstanding book selections, but also engage students with a plethora of activities, videos, recipes, and much more. We also schedule educational materials and printables designed to help make teaching and learning easier, while engaging both gifted and reluctant learners.

Nurturing a love of learning and an excitement about what may be around the next bend is our goal. With Guest Hollow, rather than begrudgingly having to endure tomorrow’s pre-programmed and totally predictable textbook page assignment, we hope to engender a sense of anticipation, and even an eagerness to “do school”.  We do this by keeping fresh and engaging material coming at your student through creatively scheduling a multiplicity of diverse materials and activities in our curriculum.  We have gotten anecdotal reports of some students expressing real disappointment that they have to ‘stop for the day’ and return to the curriculum tomorrow for the next lesson.  We count that as true success.

Take a look at our free samples on each curriculum page and see for yourself why so many students and parents want to stick with the Guest Hollow style of learning!

Photos of real families using Guest Hollow’s Curriculums:

Where We’ve Been & Where We Are Going In 2023

Guest Hollow has been around for many years, but up until about 6 years ago, we were just a hobby site devoted to sharing our love of homeschooling with tips and opinions.

We decided to throw ourselves fully into the business and were rewarded with copious amounts of customer accolades and surprising early success. In fact, we’ve repeatedly won quite a few Practical Homeschooling’s Reader’s Choice Awards and we’ve been picked as one of Cathy Duffy’s Top 103 picks!

Homeschool Award
Cathy Duffy's Top Picks Award

Moving into 2023

Thanks to our customers who spread the word about us, Guest Hollow, LLC is becoming better known and growing at an astounding rate. As both new and veteran homeschoolers all over the world discover our materials and see for themselves the impact that our materials have on their students, they have been kind enough to tell others about Guest Hollow. For that we are truly indebted and extremely appreciative.

In early 2023, we released our Government, Economics, and Personal Finance Curriculum! Then we started tackling a complete (and massive) redo/update of Jr. Geography (which will be finished by the end of March 2023). After that, we’ve got another project planned – one that will allow customers to learn “family style” when using one of the high school programs. We’ll announce what we’re working on, soon!

In 2023, and beyond, we will continue expanding our curriculum selections, and we invite you to join the Guest Hollow family of learners during this exciting time. Maybe you will end up telling a few people about us too! 😀

If you would like to learn more about the history of Guest Hollow as a company and the couple that brings Guest Hollow to you, please visit our ‘About Us’ page:

We Really Do Care About YOU

We LOVE our customers, and we offer unprecedented extras and freebies in honor of God’s many blessings in our lives. You’ll notice our beloved and extensive online biology curriculum is absolutely FREE, and will always remain so, as a part of our ministry to the homeschool community.

Our curriculum customers love the fact that they get a printable curriculum schedule, as well as access to an online schedule in a more visual format, with easy access to internet links and videos.

We believe that life is more than just money and while Guest Hollow, LLC provides us the income we need for gas and food, we do not make money the foremost priority.

We price our materials so that they can be afforded by almost anyone, and we will continue to do so. We have people tell us regularly that we should charge more… and perhaps they are right, but it is important to us to keep things as affordable as we can.   We also offer quite a few free items on the site, including full length, interactive online textbooks.

In special circumstances we may choose to offer some of our normally for-cost Guest Hollow material for free, to a limited number of families who are suffering financial hardship on a case-by-case basis. If you are enduring severe financial hardships, please click here for more information.

We also have a blog where you can get hints and tips like the following which we turned into its own page:

Literature-based curriculum

How to Save Money When Using a Literature-Based Curriculum

Using a literature-based curriculum is one of the best ways (in my opinion) to engage students. It steers clear of boring textbooks, adds variety, and builds retention. While it may be one of the best ways to engage a student’s interest, it can also really engage your pocketbook! I homeschooled my children for 20+ years,[…]

Communicating and interacting with our customers is very important, so we also manage a number of Facebook pages where you can interact with other homeschoolers using or considering our products, interact with us, and ask questions or offer opinions to the community. Click here for a list of those Facebook pages and a list of places we interact on other social media outlets.

Of course, you can contact us directly at any time!

Guest Hollow, LLC may not be the most fancy-looking and flashy curricula and
homeschool product website out there, but our site is packed with love and a fresh way of creating materials that are different.

Why Not Let Us Be Part of Your Homeschooling Adventure?

Please look over our website and see if Guest Hollow’s approach is right for you and your family. We have a lot to offer, and we sincerely hope to have you join the Guest Hollow family.

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