An alternate way to use our biology curriculum

Looking for a NON-CHRISTIAN or secular biology curriculum?

If you are a secular family or a Christian family who believes in evolution, you can still use the Guest Hollow biology schedule with the ORIGINAL CK-12 biology textbook. You will also want to use the ORIGINAL CK-12 workbook pages instead of our edited workbook pages. You can also get an original teacher’s guide with textbook answers by clicking here. The answers to the workbook are available via the resource tab on this page:

Weeks 9 and 10 are marked as YELLOW in the daily/weekly schedule. During those two weeks, you will need to schedule in all of the regular material from the original book and completely skip our schedule (as those weeks are devoted to creationism). Please note that the original CK-12 book does NOT contain our edits, including the Greek and Latin vocabulary roots, added humor, added videos and activities, etc., BUT you can still use the schedule to access all of the great labs and other activities that are listed and to plan out & guide your student’s year with biology. Please don’t forget to click on the textbook and supplemental materials page to get a list of great books and videos you may want to add in to your year’s studies.

Here at Guest Hollow, we aren’t embarrassed about our beliefs, but we are respectful of others who believe differently. We know what it’s like to want to find the perfect curriculum, and while we believe our edited textbook isn’t likely to be a match for someone who believes in evolution, you can still get some great ideas for activities (and reading assignments) from us! We want you to have the BEST year homeschooling with biology, and believe that our extras and activities can help you achieve that!

Happy homeschooling!

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