WinterPromise’s American Story 2

I am doing WinterPromise’s American Story 2 this year with my youngest. He is LOVING it. The schedule is so “doable” and the books are totally engaging and fun. Every day, when I am finished with the scheduled reading, Ds keeps begging me to read more. I don’t usually indulge him because that keeps him eager for the next day’s work. 😉

Here are some pictures of ds’s recent notebooking pages. We are currently wrapping up learning about the Civil War and the Underground Railroad.

Ds’s drawing of Fort Sumter, where the Civil War began:

Fort Sumter

An Underground Railroad drawing and info plus a page on the Confederate leadership:

Notebooking page
A Confederate flage and Union leadership:

Another notebooking page

The Battle of Gettysburg with glitter pasted on for “explosions” and “smoke”:


History Pocket on moving west pasted right into his notebook:

History Pockets Moving West

We also just got in our Animals and Their Worlds program which we are using for science, readers and art. Ds loves the more visual aspect of many of WinterPromise’s books. I love it that he isn’t overwhelmed, even doing two programs, and has plenty of time for his other subjects and extras like Latin for Children and Barton’s Reading and Spelling program.

In other news, I also just received most of WinterPromises’s Children Around the World program. Both sons will be using it next year. Why did I purchase it an entire year early? So I will have plenty of time to develop a high school supplement that goes with it! I am planning on adding high school level literature (hopefully with discussion questions), a high school geography component and extra activities. I also plan on looking up all of those “mentioned” web activities in the IG that don’t have urls. When I’m done I will have a handy schedule to share (ala my American history program) with all of you.

In the meantime here are a few url’s for those of you already using WinterPromise’s Children Around the World:

Buildings of the world Fun and free 3-d paper models

Multi-cultural paper dolls

International swap pins

Children’s songs from all over the world with lyrics and some MP3’s and midis you can listen to

Listen to many different languages of the world. Select a region, select a country, click on a language, then click on the “words of life”, select a message or song recording and listen to how the language sounds!