American History Notebooking Pages

Otter finished some more WP notebooking pages. Here are some pics:

The Battle of Little Bighorn:


Sharing the news about moving west and a page about Levi Strauss and the invention of blue jeans:

Moving West and blue jeans

Transcontinental railroad and traveling west in wagons (the top part of the wagon page is lift-the-flap):
Transcontinental railroad and wagons

Some history pocket things about the Oregon Trail pasted into ds’s history notebook (including a “quilt block” made from felt):

History Pocket

A Wild West wanted poster:

Wanted poster

More History Pocket stuff:

More History Pockets

History Pockets Moving West is schedule in the WinterPromise Middlers Pack but we are just doing the pages whenever we feel like it and have the time.

I also didn’t end up liking the Down the Yukon by Will Hobbs and am substituting Caddie Woodlawn instead. Caddie Woodlawn was scheduled as a reader in the LA package, but we aren’t using that this year. Instead, I am using the readers as substitutes for some of the adventure reading assignments.