Learning History with Playmobil

WinterPromise had it scheduled for us to build a log cabin out of twigs, but we decided to use Lincoln Logs instead and then pulled out some Playmobil to complete the whole scene.
I love having the excuse to “play” with Playmobil! Shhh don’t tell anyone I’m grownup! Don’t tell anyone either that our oldest (a junior in high school) still joins in when her little brother pulls them out. 😉

Actually Playmobil make an excellent compliment to just about any homeschool history study. You can easily build and act out just about any scene.

“Hey, we’re having a test. Show me what you learned with your Playmobil.” “Narrate to me the last chapter we went over.” “Create a different ending for the story you read.”

Playmobil is a way to flesh out characters and historical situations that makes them easier to remember because they are personalized in a hands-on and fun way.

Ds is ogling some of the Roman Playmobil sets. I’m thinking about our future ancient history studies…..

Wild West scene with Lincoln Logs

Here’s a prairie dog craft ds made for WinterPromise’s Animals and Their Worlds. Some might think crafts like these are just busy work, but for Ds, they are a visual reminder of the things he’s learned. We also watched some cute videos online. You can take a look at some of the other things we did in my AW gravy section week 3.
I think WP’s Animals & Their Worlds is my favorite part of the day. Ds said he likes it as much as he likes WP’s history (American Story 2). I asked him why he likes them both so much and he said, “There are so many activities.” He is a little bummed that this week is our last week learning about the African Savanna. I assured him he will probably enjoy learning about the rainforest just as much.

Prairie dog craft


Someone sent this video link to one of my email lists. I thought it was hilarious. It just goes to show you that you shouldn’t learn math via algorithms!!


The video came at a good time since I just recently toook extra time teaching multiplication with double digits. I had to pull out Math-U-See because Ds wasn’t getting the concept with RightStart. I guess it’s good I have so many math programs on hand! Something clicked last night and for the first time, HE GOT IT! Yay! Today we’ll be learning how to multiply double digits with carrying over (back to RightStart). It is such a relief for ds to finally get this concept. I tried teaching it to him last year, but he just wasn’t ready for it. I could see him heading down the algorithm path and so I stopped our lessons cold. He needed to understand the WHY of it all before we could move on. We backed way off and took things back a notch. Ds just needed more time to mature.

Here’s a helpful video I found at United Streaming (you have to have an account or use the 30 day free trial): Maths Mansion 16: Double Digit Dating . The video really illustrates what you are doing in multiple digit multiplication. It’s an interesting and understandable way to do this type of math problem.