Janice VanCleave’s Food and Nutrition Lapbook

Julie S. is going to be using Little Otter’s Science with her children and created a printable schedule for it. She donated her work to our site so we can share it with you! I’ve posted it on the Little Otter’s Science main page.

I also (at my daughter’s request) created a printable schedule to go along with our free world geography and cultures curriculum. It’s posted before the weekly topics here.

I’ve made a few changes to Otter’s Science and added in a book on nutrition. The Chew on This book was just not up Otter’s alley. I found a much more age appropriate book: Why Shouldn’t I Eat Junk Food? with colorful pictures and easy to understand information.

I am also working on lapbook materials to go with Janice VanCleave’s Food and Nutrition for Every Kid: Easy Activities That Make Learning Science Fun. Otter likes the book and the activities that go with it, but I found that he wasn’t retaining some of the advanced vocabulary and concepts. Now he can tell you without missing a beat what the hypothalamus does after coloring “Mr. Hypothalamus”.


He can also tell you the difference between monosaccarides and disaccarides as well as give examples for each, etc.

He gets to be my “guinea pig” for the lapbook materials. Let’s just say that I’m …uhhhh…spatially challanged. Poor kid gets stuck with stuff like this (see if you can figure out what’s wrong):

Macronutrients mess up

The Macronutrients “cover” was to fold “in” as was the pictures of the macronutrient “characters”. In case you are as challenged as I am *cough cough* – see how the words on the cover, once folded over, are upside down?  I’m SURE that was obvious to all you seasoned lapbookers and smart cookies out there!

Anyway, I’ll post it when I’m done making it for Otter. I think it’s a nice addition to our nutrition study. I love how lapbooks make information stick!