More Nutrition Lapbook Printables

Here are some more printables I made for Otter’s nutrition study. They are also posted on the nutrition lapbook page.

Vitamin ABC’s (2 page printable)


Liver: Vitamin Storage Center Petal Book

The liver stores fat soluble vitamins

Nutrition Facts Label (2 page printable)

Nutrition Facts Label

Amino acids link together to make proteins (2 page printable)

Activity 1: Make a chain of amino acids to learn that proteins are “chains” of amino acids.
Activity 2:
Cut out “boxcar” strips of the 20 amino acids your body needs. Boxcars are labeled with the amino acids. Essential amino acids are blue. The others are red. Paste the strips together and fold accordian style.
Activity 3: Make a pocket to store the amino acids. Learn that each amino acid can link to 2 other amino acids just like a boxcar in a train. Put the amino acids from the previous step into the pocket.

List of amino acids taken from

Complete and incomplete proteins

Also, it appears that I forgot to link to the printable schedule for World Geography and Cultures. I have now fixed that. If you are doing our geography program, or supplementing Winter Promise’s Children Around the World curriculum, you can now print out a rough draft schedule to help you keep things on track without having to be online.