Adventures in the Sea & Sky

Today we are starting our new school year (yes, we school year-round). Both boys are using WinterPromise’s Adventures in the Sea & Sky program. Like anything else I use, I couldn’t help but tweak it some and put together some extras. I’ll be chronicling our journey with Sea & Sky this year and taking pictures of our projects. If you are curious about this curriculum (at least our experience with it), hopefully you’ll get an idea of what it’s like through my blog.

Today to celebrate our starting this theme I made the kids a lunch of octopus, ocean water, sea foam, sea stars and fish. Or something like that…

Octopus hot dog

The octopus is made out of a hot dog with a mustard face. The ocean waves/water beneath him are Top Ramen noodles with blue food coloring. The fish are Goldfish crackers and the star fish is a slice of star fruit. To wash it all down I created some “sea foam”: sparkling apple cider colored with blue food coloring.

Hot dog octopus

The kids LOVED it. It was a great way to start off our studies.

Another extra I added was the book 1-2-3 Draw Ocean Life. In the schedule of extras I created I assigned Otter drawings that match up (for the most part) what we are studying each week. I’ve added a study of mollusks for science so today he learned how to draw an octopus. I opened up Corel Painter and with my trusty tablet drew each step for him as he followed along. Then we both colored our creations. Here is my drawing (digital pen & ink, and watercolors):


Here is Otter’s drawing:


Otter’s going to keep his drawings in the notebook we’re working on. Other extras for this week are a free lapbook on mollusks, a mollusks movie on BrainPop, and some notebooking pages I found online: Mollusks paragraph & questions and Mollusks worksheet. He’s also reading Eyewitness Classics: 20,000 Leagues under the Sea and doing a few other goodies like watching a Treasure Island movie online to give him some visual context for this week’s WP read-aloud and more.

The Eyewitness book is really nice. The original 20,000 Leagues under the Sea is still WAY over Otter’s head right now. The Eyewitness version is 63 pages long with a much abridged story, lots of wonderful illustrations and photographs as well as side box style information to make certain things in the story more clear or to explain facts related to the story. If you click the title linked above you can see a free preview of it on Amazon. I also like the fact that the book contains 2 page spreads on history and science like a section on submarines, the ocean depths, sea exploration and more. There are also maps showing the fictional voyage. It’s a wonderful version of the story for younger readers.

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