Our First Week with Sea & Sky

We’ve been enjoying our first week with Sea & Sky.

Yesterday Otter made a “shadow box ship” from the book Sailors, Whalers, Fantastic Sea Voyages. The activity book’s instructions call for supplies like craft foam and wooden dowels but since I didn’t have any of that on hand we just used card stock paper. I think it was probably easier to do that way anyway. The instructions were a little bit vague for Otter to accomplish this activity on his own so I helped direct him. We didn’t do everything exactly how it was described, but Otter was happy with the end result:

Shadow box ship

Bear is going to be making a much more detailed paper model from the Canon Creative Park website.

Otter has also been working a free lapbook about mollusks. He’s enjoying the added science component to his schedule as well as some additional hands-on activities. Here’s are some pictures of what he’s accomplished so far:

The cover of his lapbook

Mollusks lapbook

What is a mollusk? flap book

Mollusk lapbook lift the flap

Inside “What is a mollusk?”

What is a mollusk?

A 3 panel squid booklet

Lapbook component about squids

Inside the booklet

squid lapbook item

All in the mollusk family booklet

All in the Mollusk family lapbook booklet

Inside the mollusk family booklet with 3 individual tabs

Lapbook page on mollusks

We also got to start the notebooking component of Sea & Sky. The program comes with a packet of papers called the “Make Your Own Captain’s Log”. Today Otter did a sheet on labeling a ship (hmmm, interesting color choices for the sails, LOL):

Label a ship

He’s keeping all of his papers for S&S in a notebook:

Sea & Sky notebook

So far I’m finding the pacing of Sea & Sky to be very manageable. Both boys are really enjoying our read-aloud of Treasure Island and there seems to be a very good balance of activities.

My only complaint so far is that one of the books scheduled as a reader (Voyage of Ice) turned out to have, in my opinion and for MY family’s values, some inappropriate material in it for the ages it was scheduled for (3rd-6th). I’m actually quite irked about this. I am NOT criticizing Winter Promise for choosing the book as a reader. I understand that it is our responsibility as parents to preview our children’s materials and ultimately make choices and decisions regarding them and also that every family is quite different in their beliefs and philosophies. However, I would have liked a little warning about the level of romance and violence it contains. I am really quite liberal when it comes to read-alouds (books I read out loud while my kids listen) because I can be on hand to discuss things with the kids and help expose them to real life, under my terms. However, when it comes to just handing my 11 year old son something to read by himself, I am a lot more picky. Voyage of Ice is quite an amazing adventure story that is very educational about life on a whaling ship but fails my test as a reader. We will, however,be doing it as a read-aloud with some edits on the fly.