Awesome Ocean Science

Awesome Ocean Science Today we did some experiments from the book Awesome Ocean Science. The first experiment demonstrated how fresh water floats on top of salt water. We learned that when rivers dump their water into the ocean, it takes awhile before the water mixes. This brackish water is perfect for plants like saltgrass and other organisms.

To demonstrate how salt water is more dense than fresh water, we did two different activities. For the first experiment we had one glass of fresh water and one glass of colored salt water. (Excuse the terrible hard water deposits on our glasses!!)

Salt water experiment

Using a dropper, we gently placed some of the salt water into the glass with the fresh water. It immediately settled to the bottom of the glass! You can see the distinct layers in the glass to the right.

Salt water experiment 2

For the other experiment we placed a chunk of carrot into a glass of fresh water. The carrot quickly sank to the bottom. Otter then started adding in quarter teaspoons of salt to the water to see what would happen.

Density experiment

As the salt content increased, the carrot began to rise! At the end of our experiment the carrot was bobbing at the top of the water and staying there. That reminded us of our time in Utah at the Great Salt Lake. It was almost impossible to sink when we went swimming there!

Density experiment 2

Otter also finished up his papier-mâché octopus from several weeks back. I think it’s kinda cute!

paper mache octopus