China Learning Kit

Otter is finally better now, so we are back to doing schoolwork. Today he finished up his sea and sky mobile that symbolizes the major themes we’ll be studying this year:

Sea and Sky mobil

Today’s drawing lesson was a humpback whale to go with this week’s science “extras”:

Mom’s whale drawing

Humpback whale

Otter’s humpback whale drawing

Humpback whale

We also got to take a look at our learning packet that came in from China. I received it last week but didn’t want to pull it out until Otter was feeling better. Today is his first day without a temp so we finally got to open it up. Otter was so excited! First we took a look at the big envelope everything arrived in.

China learning kit

Emily didn’t realize the packet was really from China. She stepped over to examine what little brother was looking at and exclaimed, “Oh wow…they even made it look like it really comes from China!”
I laughed and replied, “It really IS from China!”

Here is a picture of some of the writing on the back.

Here is a close up of the front postage area.

There’s just something so neat about getting something “real” from another country. I think we enjoyed the outside of the package as much as the inside.

We reached inside and pulled out the items. As we looked them over, Otter read about each one from the informational sheet / brochure. The information is printed onto a high quality glossy paper and there are lots of little photos as well as text explaining each item. The text is short enough that it isn’t overwhelming, but there are plenty of neat facts to learn.
Otter does not like to read (generally), but he was really excited to read to me all the snippets of info as he investigated each goodie.
It was fun to learn the different meanings behind some of the objects.

Information about China

There was a variety of things to explore:

A paper lantern

Chinese paper lantern

A Chinese knot

Chinese knot

Otters favorite item – money!

Chinese money

There was also a “papercut”, a flag, 2 postcards with pandas on them, a bookmark with Chinese writing and an amusing, awkward english translation and a red scarf.

Otter has been wearing the scarf all evening while doing the rest of his schoolwork. After reading the paper, he wanted an explanation of Communism and what the red scarf represented. We had a great discussion.

After learning about all of the items, Otter exclaimed, “This stuff is really cool.” He had a wonderful time getting a glimpse into another culture and it was very educational to actually get to handle real objects. This packet is perfect for a hands-on learner. It’s also great for getting a child to actually be interested in another country.

Otter has been playing with the items all evening and the Chinese money has found a home in his coin collection. This was totally the highlight of our day and I know this is an experience he will remember and treasure as one of our better homeschooling moments.

If you are interested in ordering a packet, please visit the Learn About China Kit page.

China Learning Kit

The kits are only $13 and I think they are an excellent addition to any geography study, or just for an interesting learning experience.