Our Garden

┬áMy husband was so gracious and put together garden beds made out of redwood for our family. So far we’ve planted 4 different kinds of tomatoes, a bell pepper plant, watermelon, cantaloupe, onions (which are almost done growing), lettuce (which it’s starting to be the end of the season for), scarlet runner beans, 2 kinds of bush beans, cucumbers, summer crookneck squash and carrots. I plan to put in some more things either this weekend or next. We also have fruit that’s starting to ripen like nectarines and plums!

I think having a garden is a wonderful experience for kids. It’s a great way to show how you can benefit directly from your work. Out of all the kids, Otter is the most interested in our plants and in helping to take care of things. He has been going out to water the young plants lately and I hope I can nurture a love for growing things and nature in him. I love seeing father and son out working in the yard together. I feel very blessed we have a yard big enough for that sort of activity as well as a husband who will be out there with me! In fact, without him, the whole place wouldn’t be anywhere as nice as it is!

An artichoke flower:

Artichoke flower

We have two artichoke plants but I’m afraid they don’t taste as good as the ones from the store. I’ve been considering pulling these out and putting something else in or trying to find out what type the commercial growers use.

We’ve been enjoying our home-grown onions!


We’re going to have a big grape harvest this year. We’re thinking of putting in some more vines this winter because they do so well here.


Our first crop of apples on a young tree is starting to grow!

unripe apples

I’ve learned so much from gardening. I never knew onions made such pretty flowers. I also learned that you don’t want your garden onions to flower!

onion flower

Here’s a close up!

Closeup of onion flower

I didn’t even notice that little bug until I looked more closely at the picture!