Old Book Finds for Otter

I like old fashioned readers. There is just a certain charm about them. The stories and illustrations are wholesome and there is none of the modern day “garbage” you find in a lot of materials “nowadays”.

Recently my husband and I went to the gold country here in CA and explored a cute little antique shop. I found some readers and just HAD to get them for Otter. Here is the 5th grade reader from the 30’s that’s my favorite:

New Stories of Today and Yesterday

New Stories of Today and Yesterday has 480 pages chock full of good old-fashioned stories and poems. At the end of each selection there are some brief questions about what you read as well as activity suggestions and other book titles you can read on the particular subject. The neat thing is that you can actually find some of the recommended titles online for free like the Hoosier Schoolboy!

I also love the pictures:

We also picked up a couple other books for him. Here is one for science:

Science in Our World

Science in Our World is a 5th grade California state textbook from 1955. It’s a great little book with all kinds of basic science information and basic experiments.

Oh… and gee, there are actually experiments where a child may be required to use a hammer and nails and other “dangerous” equipment!

I just really like these “old” books and try to incorporate some in our weekly schoolwork. I can generally trust the contents and don’t really have to worry about some inappropriate junk that often litters modern day books and stories.