This Week’s in Sea & Sky

This week in Sea & Sky we are studying the “Age of Exploration” for the history portion and how the ocean affects the weather for the science portion. Today we did an experiment: “rain in a jar”.

Rain in a jar

As the hot water from jar evaporated, it hit the plastic bag containing ice, condensed and fell back down as “rain drops”.

Before our experiment we watched a movie about the water cycle over at BrainPop. I tend to use BrainPop a lot because the explanations are short, easy to understand and entertaining. I also like it that I can check Otter’s comprehension afterwards with an interactive 10 question quiz.

Bear also finished one of his projects he did for Sea & Sky (not scheduled via WinterPromise), a model ship:

Model ship

Paper model ship

It’s constructed entirely out of paper and you can get the printables and instructions to make it for free from the Canon Website.

Otter also started a new lapbook. As an extra, he is studying sharks. There is a free lapbook over at Homeschool Share I printed out for him to work on. One of the elements he made today is a little vocabulary book:

Shark vocabulary

He also read a printable book from A to Z reading: Sharks.

A to Z reading is a site with lots of printable books with accompanying worksheets and other activities. The levels span from beginning phonics an approximate 5th grade reading level. The books are great for Otter and very helpful for building fluency. They aren’t too long, there are lots of different and interesting subjects covered (as well as some non fiction) and there are tons of books spanning different levels that work very well with our Sea & Sky program this year.