Our Trip to Solvang

We recently took a trip to Solvang, a little town in Southern California. It’s a cute little “tourist trap” kind of place that looks like a busy little village in Denmark. Emily said it looks like it’s a town out of fairytale! I always enjoy seeing little bits of our country (and the world) via other’s blogs, so I’m sharing some pictures of our visit below.

Solvang bakery

One of the reasons we wanted to go to Solvang was to get a cherry boat from Olsen’s bakery. We drove like 5 hours to find out they were sold out! LOL! However, I thoroughly enjoyed the delicious goodie pictured below instead. It was some sort of rich concoction of whipped cream, flaky pastry, chocolate and nuts. Mmmmm…

Solvang bakery pastry


Solvang windmill

Solvang restaurant


Slovang antique shop

This picture reminded me of the book: The Wheel on the School

Solvang storks

Solvang shop

Slovang store

Looking through a window at rows of goodies:

Solvang goodies


I really enjoyed all of the detail on the buildings. Look at the wooden shingles on this roof:

Solvang roof

Beautiful brickwork:

Solvang bricks

Solvang tower bells

Solvang statue

There were beautiful flowers everywhere…


Solvang bench

Solvang Restaurant