Nature Study at the Wildlife Refuge

Fall has FINALLY hit our area. We went in just a few days from 101 degree temps down to the 70’s. Ahhhhhhhhh. Our family likes to watch the seasons change at the local wildlife refuge.

Tule Elk:


For the first time, we saw cranes doing a mating dance:


Cranes mating dance

We saw a couple of coyotes. This one had really big ears!


My husband and I like to joke how there is always a theme at the refuge every time we go there. Sometimes the theme is quail, or ducks or owls. Other times it’s sunflowers or fluffy seed pod trees or whatever. This weekend’s theme was dragonflies. There were literally thousands of them skimming and darting all over the place! This particular one was about to become a spider’s lunch and I just had to rescue it. Here it is pausing on my shirt sleeve before flying off:


I love it that we’re able to hop in the car, drive about 7 minutes or so and be right in the thick of nature.