Science Fun

Otter is playing with a Dune Craft Astounding Polymer Properties Observation Kit. Oh wait, is it playing or doing school? We tend to confuse that sometimes…


Playing with polymers

A polymer ball (“slippery spheres”):

Polymer ball

More polymer spheres – These started out as teeny hard little balls and grew more than 20x to the size of a marble after adding water:

polymer balls

“Silly squares”:


Besides having a lot of fun, you get to learn about crosslinking, hydration, molecular bonding, polarity, viscosity and absorption.

I like to have a few science kits on hand at any given time. They are great for adding some fun into a week and keeping school from feeling “stale”. They also give Otter the opportunity for some free science exploration with plenty of practice in reading instructions as well as making and testing hypotheses.