Hitting a Wall with Fractions

Currently in math, Otter’s been using Life of Fred Fractions exclusively. He was using a combo of Teaching Textbooks 6, Life of Fred and Singapore, but after hitting a wall, we pared it down to the one program. While Life of Fred has been going pretty great, I saw that Otter needed more practice with fractions. They were just too abstract for him once we started hitting uncommon denominators. I went online to try and find a solution and found a terrific website:

Visual Fractions

Visual Fractions is exactly what he needed to work with. After just 15 minutes, his understanding of fractions soared. Everything is explained step-by-step and illustrated. There are also tons of free, interactive exercises for practice. You can choose circles or bars to represent the fractions (Otter likes circles) and anytime you get stuck, you can click the explain button.

I think I’ll have him play on the Visual Fractions website for about a week and then get back to Life of Fred.