Free Linear Algebra Textbook

Linear AlgebraI hardly ever blog about Bear. He’s such a big kid that there aren’t a lot of projects to take pictures of. However, I thought I’d share a gem that I found recently, in case it helps anyone else.

Bear “ran out” of homeschool math courses last year when he completed Calculus. While I waited for Life of Fred’s Linear Algebra book to become available, he messed around with various Art of Problem Solving books.

I was finally about to order Life of Fred, when I came across a textbook written by Dr. Jim Hefferon, a┬áProfessor of Mathematics at Saint Michael’s College. Not only can you download the entire text for FREE, but it comes with answers to the exercises. I also found some linear algebra video lectures from MIT. I’m really thankful that people share their hard work with others online. It’s such a blessing to our family.