Hot Potatoes Quiz Maker

I recently came across a freeware program you can use to create custom quizzes and tests in a variety of formats: Hot Potatoes.

Here’s an example quiz I whipped up for Otter in order to test the program out: Otter’s chemistry quiz. (BTW, I noticed I made a few mistakes, but I’m too lazy to go back and fix them since this was just a “test”). He was impressed, lol. “You made that for me??” It worked out great because I totally customized it to fit the different books and materials we’ve been using in chemistry.
You have all sorts of options (which I haven’t fully explored) and can even add in pictures, flash and videos. The quiz type options are:

  • Create a fill-in-the-blank exercise
  • Create a matching exercise
  • Create a jumbled sentence exercise
  • Create a multiple-choice or short answer quiz
  • Create a crossword puzzle

I think it would be a great program to spread in the homeschool community. Think of all the goodies you all can come up with and share!