Latin Help Sheet

We are getting ready to wrap up our year with Lively Latin Big Book 1. This is the first program where we’ve actually experienced Latin success that goes beyond vocabulary! I LOVE it. This is one of my favorite finds in years. Seriously. I’m not a Latin failure anymore! smile

One of the things I did to make our year easier was create a Latin help sheet that covers all of the main lesson concepts and then lists vocabulary. Neither one of us likes to flip through Otter’s huge notebook of printed papers to hunt down a lesson, so we just pull out this sheet instead and have the answer in seconds. “Magistra” Catherine Drown generously granted me permission to share it (as it contains some items from her much more detailed lessons), so here it is:

Lively Latin Help Sheet PDF

Lively Latin Help Sheet Doc (You can change/tweak it to suit what you need to focus on)

Each file is 8 pages long with the first 3 pages containing “lesson” helps and the last 5 list the vocabulary from the entire program broken into categories (adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, nouns, verbs, etc.).

Latin help sheet