Grammar Help Sheet

Grammar help sheet

We are currently using MCT (Michael Clay Thompson Language Arts Curriculum) for grammar. Otter LOVES it. He loves the characters and the creative approach to what can sometimes be a boring subject. He liked the book Paragraph Town so much, he said he’d like to use it in his free time! We hit a snag though when we started working out of the Practice Town book. In that workbook, you are supposed to analyze a sentence and practice the concepts learned in Grammar Town. You mark the parts of speech for each word, parts of a sentence (subject, action verb, etc.), phrases and then clauses on four separate lines. Otter was having a hard time remembering everything he was supposed to write down. To help him remember all of the things we’ve been learning, I made him this grammar help sheet.

If you are a fellow MCT user, I hope you might be able to get some use out of it too!