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Handwriting fonts

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Handwriting without Tears font
No matter which handwriting style you’ve chosen, if you want to make your own penmanship worksheets, you are going to need the correct font. Here are some places you can go to online to get a variety of fonts for your homeschool:

  • Startwrite $39.95
    I used to use Startwrite when I first started creating handwriting worksheets. It features fonts similar to all the major handwriting fonts (D’Nealian, Handwriting without Tears, Zaner-Bloser, etc.) plus additional features like clipart, colored ruled lines, letters that show arrows, dots, guides and more. I stopped using Startwrite because I like to work in other programs like Microsoft Word and Photoshop. Startwrite fonts can only be used within the Startwrite program. I also thought their Handwriting without Tears font was a teeny bit “off”, but that is only my own personal opinion and not a scientific observation!
  • Educational Fontware $49.95
    I currently use EF for all of my handwriting font needs. These are fonts that get installed on your computer as any other normal type of font. The CD of fonts also has small programs that get installed to link and unlink cursive letters. I like EF’s fonts because they are the MOST like the actual fonts used in handwriting workbooks. EF actually worked with Ms. Dubay to develop their version of the Getty-Dubay Italic. Although it’s a little more expensive than Startwrite, it’s more useful to someone who wants to use handwriting fonts across multiple computer programs.
  • D’Nealian Fonts FREE
    You can download some D’Nealian fonts at Fonts 101. These are fonts you install on your computer that can be used like any other font in all your different programs.
  • ZB FontsOnline Plus FREE (for the limited version)
    You can create worksheets online in both cursive and manuscript Zaner-Bloser font. The limited free version allows you to print your worksheets, but not save them. The paid version with more features, is 29.99 for a one year access. The online program adjusts the font size and ruled lines depending on which grade you choose in the options.
  • Fonts for Teachers 19.95
    You can order a CD that has 31 fonts that are D’Nealian style plus some extras.
  • Free Handwriting Fonts for Teachers FREE
    This About.com page features a variety of fonts, including some based on dots for early letter tracing. You won’t see anything like D’Nealian, HWOT or Zaner-Bloser here, but what you do find might do in a pinch if you want a manuscript style font and don’t care much about the exact style.

Having the appropriate font on hand really opens up options for making your own worksheets and can save money over time, especially if you have several children. Another great benefit to having a handwriting font on hand is that you can customize your children’s penmanship work. You can have them copy all kinds of sentences that have to do with their other studies like history, Bible memorization, sentences about character, science and even Latin!

*P.S. Prices listed are what each site had posted as of 8/8/2011 and may or may not be accurate when you read this!