Homeschool Tracker Lesson Plan for Otter’s Botany

For those of you interested in using Otter’s Botany, I have an extra add-on available to help make your homeschool planning easier.

A fellow homeschool mom who plans on using Otter’s Botany for the 2012-2013 school year has generously shared a lesson plan she created for Homeschool Tracker.

Save yourself oodles of time and have the items from the Otter’s Botany schedule already entered in a Homeschool Tracker lesson plan format. Pick and choose items to enter into your school year schedule as desired.

Homeschool Tracker
Click here for the Otter’s Botany Homeschool Tracker lesson plan file

Homeschool Tracker Plus is a homeschool planning software I’ve used for years. It is extremely flexible and helpful with lots of features like automated grading and transcripts, etc. They are now offering an online version of the software that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.

Homeschool Tracker has lesson plan import/export capabilities to allow you to share the lesson plans you’ve created with other Homeschool Tracker Plus users. See the “Importing Lesson Plans” and “Exporting Lesson Plans” sections of the Help File or User Manual for detailed instructions. Check out Yahoo Groups for the HST Lesson Plan group to download tons of free Homeschool Tracker lesson plans for lots of different subjects and curricula.

I’ll be posting a Homeschool Tracker review sometime in the future. I love this valuable tool!