More Botany Printables and Botany Tests / Quizzes are posted!

I’m working on creating interactive, online quizzes to go with each chapter of the Botany For Dummies book and have just received permission from the publisher to post them on my site. Thank you John Wiley & Sons, Inc.!

These tests are designed to be used “open book” as I sometimes refer to figures or illustrations in the text. The quizzes are designed to not only help assess understanding, but to also help a student learn how to find the answers to questions he doesn’t know by learning how to skim chapter headings and so on. This is an important skill for high school and beyond! Each test has a little humor sprinkled here and there to make it a teeny bit more fun.

Each quiz is self-grading and has feedback and hints for some of the answers.

Click here to look at the botany quizzes and tests!

I’ve also completed a few more notebooking pages for my botany curriculum:

This blank sheet (a filled in example is shown above) is for recording the various plants and flowers we’ll be learning about this year. You can choose from an editable page that can be filled out on your computer or one to print out and fill in by hand.

These pages will make a nice scrapbook of plants and flowers and help you learn to easily identify them out in the world!

I’ve also created a 10 page printable to practice taxonomy as well as a little box to construct and store all the taxonomy printable project pieces in.

Click here to go to my botany notebooking page to download any of the above.

Quite a few of you are joining me this year in studying Otter’s Botany. I hope you all have a wonderful year!