Otter’s Christian High School Biology – FREE!

Christian High School Biology

Coming August 2013: Otter’s Christian High School Biology!

UPDATE to this post for readers coming in via a link. The biology curriculum is now posted here:


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What is being developed:

  • Free full color 700+ page textbook edited from the original CK-12 Biology book (open source creative commons license)
  • Textbook will be available in a variety of formats like online, PDF, MOBI and EPUB
  • Textbook has some interactive features embedded for students using it online or via mobile devices such as the iPad
  • Free workbook correlated to the textbook to help your students remember key terms and concepts
  • Edited textbook is from a Christian, creationist, young-earth perspective, but secular families can just use the original unedited text and still get the benefit of all the scheduled goodies, labs, etc.

Free biology labs

  • Free rigorous biology lab book – from a neutral perspective (only one evolution related lab that I do not schedule, no Christian material)
  • Optional labs from a variety of sources – many of them free or low cost
  • Links to great supplementary materials and resources such as videos, printables, activities and more
  • A daily schedule with 3 different options (with or without human anatomy component, etc.)
  • Schedule can be edited in Microsoft Word to accommodate your family’s needs, schedule and access to resources
  • Free Bible study component that matches the year’s topics, specifically covering evolution vs. creationism, etc. with optional free study guide workbooks
  • Additional recommended books scheduled in (but optional)
  • Optional writing assignments to help you integrate language arts across the curriculum
  • Free lab packet of printables for microscope labs, etc.

I’m so excited about there being an alternative to the “regular” biology options out there with something for a variety of situations and budgets. Stay tuned to my blog for the release date of Otter’s Christian High School Biology!