K-2 Anatomy Curriculum Sneak Peek

I’m almost finished with the 3rd level of Guest Hollow’s Anatomy Curriculum for Kindergarten through 2nd grade! I will probably post it sometime next week! Little Otter’s Anatomy Curriculum is also appropriate for a preschooler who wants to start homeschooling.

Little Otter’s Anatomy Curriculum is a gentle study of the human body with anatomy and health topics that line up with the Guest Hollow Jr. Anatomy Curriculum and the High School Anatomy Curriculum. Now you can teach multiple ages the same topic, and everyone can get in on the fun at their own level! You can mix and match books between the three levels to customize the curriculum for your learner(s). It’s easy to plug books from a different level into each schedule, as they are listed by week on the book & resource pages.

I’ve scheduled in lots of great books that are perfect for a young child’s home library into this curriculum, as well as plenty of fun, age-appropriate hands-on activities to make learning stick.

You can get a sneak peek by looking at the scheduled books & resources. Just click on the image below!

Human body books