More updates!

The Science of Seasons Curriculum and Little Otter’s Anatomy have both been updated. We’ve updated the schedule links and replaced some books. We’ve also created printable book and materials lists for planning and shopping purposes due to popular request! 

Did you know the Science of Seasons curriculum is a prime example of our teaching philosophy? It’s cross-curricular (covers more than just science topics) and is full of great books, literature, activities, and videos. Check out the topics list:…/sc…/seasons/seasons_topics.html

Since it’s just 14 weeks long, it makes a great “light” program to do over the summer, or to jump in and start if your younger kids need something a bit refreshing to liven up the last of the school year.

Little Otter’s Anatomy is a gentle program for preschoolers through 2nd grade that tracks with our other two anatomy programs, so you can have ALL ages studying the same topics. It also makes a great introduction to science for little learners with topics they can relate to.

If you purchased one of these programs within the last year, you can access the new schedule via your downloads by logging into your store account. See this page for help:

If you use the online version of the schedules, you don’t need to do anything as those are always kept up to date!

We’ll be uploading new schedules for the other curriculum programs soon!

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