What do you want to see us work on next?

I’m trying to figure out my work “queue” based on what YOU would like (or need). Right now I’m working on a high school American history Year one. Year one will cover early American history up to about 1900. Sometime after that I will be making a year two that will cover 1900-modern times. Year two will be completed in time for users of year one to jump right in when they finish year one. I do have enough time to slip something in between year one and year two work-wise. Anyway, please vote in the comments which curriculum YOU want. If you’d like more than one thing, please list them in the order you’d like to see them.

Here are the options:
American history for elementary grades (that tracks with the high school level)
American history for middle school (that tracks with the high school level)
High school geography
Earth / physical science (please specify if you’d like it for high school or a lower grade)
High school elective: psychology
High school world history
High school language arts
Phonics program with cute readers
Math packets (comics and such to teach elementary grade math concepts)
Other: Please share any other things you would like or need in the future.

Thank you for participating!! Your comments will help shape my future projects!


12 thoughts on “What do you want to see us work on next?

  1. Earth science/astronomy (not combined with physical science) for middle school in time for the 2019-2020 school year! Weather, geology, astronomy as major topics.

  2. High school electives such as geography (1st) and psychology (2nd) which aren’t easily available anywhere else. We have enjoyed your courses for years!

  3. High School World History. We have used more than one of your science courses and we LOVE them! It is wonderful to be able to use so many books written by people that are passionate about their subjects and not be stuck using a boring textbook

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