Leap Year Sale

Guest Hollow Homeschool CurriculumGuestHollow’s First Quadrennial Leap-Year FLASH SALE Starts NOW!
Hello everyone! It is my pleasure to announce that GuestHollow is having a 1-day-only LEAP YEAR SALE! Starting right now and ending at 23:59 hours (midnight) on Saturday you can participate in our little bit of silliness and save FIVE PERCENT on your ENTIRE ORDER from the GuestHollow.com store with out “LEAP on it!” sale! LOL! 😀

How do you get GuestHollow materials for 5% off? Simple! At checkout, just enter the discount code:


All characters are lowercase and the first character is a lowercase “L” as in lincoln or lima.

Please like and share this on your page, or download the graphic and post it on others!

Happy February 29TH!!!!!!!!!!!

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