More schedule updates!

Guest Hollow Homeschool Updates

We are currently working on our yearly updates! Each year we go through and fix/replace broken schedule links and check to see if we need to replace any books, etc.
I’ve recently posted that Chemistry in the Kitchen, Physics, American History Year 1, Jr. Anatomy, and Language Arts have been updated. We now have 3 more updates that have been completed:
American History Year 2
High School Anatomy
No new books were added to these 3 updated programs. Broken links and videos were fixed/replaced.
The update for Botany will be delayed because I’m replacing some books and adding in/scheduling a few new books as well. The current Botany schedule is totally usable. If you purchase it now, you will get a free upgrade to the new schedule when it’s ready. 🙂
We will continue to work hard to keep our schedules as up-to-date as possible! We love our customers! <3

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