Grapes…and New Printables

This is what was on my counter recently:grapesNow we have a ton of Ziploc bags full of frozen grapes in the freezer (for snacks) and bags of raisins I made with my dehydrator! The raisins taste so much better than the ones you can buy in the store. They also have little, tiny, crunchy seeds left in them. After a bit of research, I learned that grapes seeds are quite good for you!!

My husband was also a sweetheart and processed the last of the plums and two fridge drawers full of peaches for me. I think we literally grow enough fruit now that 1-2 people could eat it all year-long. I’d probably get tired of it all, though! 😉

In other news, I’ve put up some printables in my website store in the new “printables category”:

I plan on adding things over time, between working on curricula. For now there are some excerpts that were adapted from the Science of Seasons Learn-and-Play Activities book and some items that are bundled in the Knowledge of Nature Curriculum. I’ll be creating lots of new goodies, for a variety of ages, as time goes on.

Now I’m off to work on the up-and-coming high school chemistry curriculum! Stay tuned (does anyone still use that phrase? lol) for updates!

Bible Lapbook and Notebook Pages

I have some new Bible lapbook and notebook printables posted to my site. Twenty-nine pages of activities cover a variety of subjects like purity, character traits, making right choices, etc. I’ve also uploaded some more Bible handwriting and copywork pages in several popular handwriting fonts such as Handwriting Without Tears, D’Nealian and more. Click on the image to go to the free downloadable printables. Feel free to pin the image below at Pinterest or share on your website!

Free Bible printablesP.S. I didn’t forget about posting part 2 to my “Sometimes Homeschoolers Worry Too Much About College” series of posts. I’ll hopefully get to that soon!


Printable Timeline

I recently received a request for “extra” timeline pages for the free printable timeline I feature on my website. Instead of creating a bunch of new pages, which I don’t have time for right now, I went ahead and made an editable PDF. Now you can add in your own dates and customize the timeline dates without having to write them in by hand. Just open the PDF, type in the custom dates and print!

Using a timeline is a terrific way to help kids visualize when things happened. With a timeline, different people and events can be put into context. We’ve used our timeline for years and often paste in the covers of books we’ve read. The end result is a beautiful scrapbook of not only the things we’ve learned but many of the books we’ve read as well!

In an upcoming post I’ll show you pictures of Otter’s timeline so you can see one in action. For now, here are the free timeline downloads:

Timeline cover



Boy’s Timeline Cover

Girl’s Timeline Cover

Timeline Spine



B.C. Timeline Pages
30 pages:
(4100 B.C. – 0 B.C.)
The Ancient World
The Classical World

A.D. Timeline Pages
70 pages
(0 A.D. – 2010 A.D.)
The Classical World
Early Middle Ages
Middle Ages
Trade & Empire
Revolution and Independence
Unification and Colonization
The World at War
The Modern World

Blank Timeline Page (Use this page to print out extras or to make smaller timeline portions. This is the new editable PDF so you can add in your own custom dates!!)

Finally, here is a timeline figures template (scroll to below the image for the links). Add in images from online & type in your own dates, names, etc. to customize.

timeline figures template

Timeline figure template in .doc format

Timeline figure template in .docx format

If you aren’t using a timeline in your homeschool, give it a try! You might be surprised at how it helps your children better retain their history lessons.


Botany printable

I made another botany printable for my free botany curriculum.  I’ll continue to post printables for it as I create them!

Stems printable worksheet (sheet 1) – Learn stem related vocabulary words with definitions under each vocabulary word flap. Cut out the transport trucks that show the items a stem transports to different parts of the plant.

Stems printable worksheet

Stems printable (sheet 2 with cut outs)

Stems printable worksheet

After completing this activity, identify the same items on a real branch or plant!

Seasons Printable for Little Otters ;-)

I made this seasons printable for a friend awhile back. Now I’m sharing it here, in time for Autumn. The printable PDF has a poem to memorize (by me!), shows which months are in which season and has traditional descriptions of season related facts.

The cartoon boy is Pip, from a series of phonics readers I wrote and illustrated for my children when they were just learning to read. Hmmm…maybe that’s a project for the future (putting those readers online)!

Want a personalized version of the printable below? The first 5 readers to ask will get it. I’ll put your child’s name in the comic in 2 places and email you your copy!


Click to download the seasons printable.

Countries and Cultures Lapbook File Fixed

Thanks to all of you who point out little errors on my site! I’ve fixed a broken file in my Countries and Cultures lapbook.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a preview of some of the pages.You can download them for FREE here on my website.







I have lots of other free printables available like handwriting pages, science printables, and even Handwriting without Tears style paper (scroll down for it)! You can check out even more printables I’ve created here.

More Botany Printables and Botany Tests / Quizzes are posted!

I’m working on creating interactive, online quizzes to go with each chapter of the Botany For Dummies book and have just received permission from the publisher to post them on my site. Thank you John Wiley & Sons, Inc.!

These tests are designed to be used “open book” as I sometimes refer to figures or illustrations in the text. The quizzes are designed to not only help assess understanding, but to also help a student learn how to find the answers to questions he doesn’t know by learning how to skim chapter headings and so on. This is an important skill for high school and beyond! Each test has a little humor sprinkled here and there to make it a teeny bit more fun.

Each quiz is self-grading and has feedback and hints for some of the answers.

Click here to look at the botany quizzes and tests!

I’ve also completed a few more notebooking pages for my botany curriculum:

This blank sheet (a filled in example is shown above) is for recording the various plants and flowers we’ll be learning about this year. You can choose from an editable page that can be filled out on your computer or one to print out and fill in by hand.

These pages will make a nice scrapbook of plants and flowers and help you learn to easily identify them out in the world!

I’ve also created a 10 page printable to practice taxonomy as well as a little box to construct and store all the taxonomy printable project pieces in.

Click here to go to my botany notebooking page to download any of the above.

Quite a few of you are joining me this year in studying Otter’s Botany. I hope you all have a wonderful year!

Otter’s Botany Curriculum Notebooking Pages

I’m currently working on creating notebooking pages to help my son retain what he will be learning in botany this year. All answers to these notebooking pages can be found in the Botany For Dummies text. All the pages are in PDF format. I’ll post more sets of notebooking pages as they become available. I’m also creating some interactive tests and quizzes, but am waiting to see whether they can be posted online or not.

Chapter 1 Botany Notebooking Page
This printable page highlights the many ways plants are useful.Botany notebooking page chapter 1
Chapter 2 Plant Cell
Draw and label the plant cell parts based on figure
2-10 from the text.botany notebooking page
Chapter 2 Lift the Flap 3 Domains Base Sheet
Learn about the 3 domains. Copy the book’s text explanations underneath each flap.botany notebooking pages
Chapter 2 Lift the Flap Cut & Paste Page
Cut out the tree parts for the 3 domains printable.botany notebooking page
Chapter 2 Plasma Membrane
Make the parts and jobs of the plasma membrane memorable with this printable!botany printable
Chapter 2 Lift the Flap Cell Parts & Jobs
Create a lift-the-flap on colored paper to help retain the parts of a cell and the various organelle jobs.botany lapbook page
More to come!

Free notebooking pages

I like to use notebooking pages with Otter. We often use them for history or science to summarize the things he’s learning. At the end of the year we have a beautiful portfolio that’s fun to look back on!
Here is a free package of notebooking pages for Ancient Egypt and Africa that are available this week from Currclick. Click on the image to go to the download. This download is available for a limited time only so grab yours while you can!

Ancient Egypt Notebooking Pages