Happy Independence Day!

At Guest Hollow we are proud to be Americans and we are proud of our country and our heritage. This weekend our country will be celebrating Independence Day or as many refer to it, “The Fourth of July”! Though fireworks have been canceled in many communities, ostensibly because of the current virus crisis, we want to give you something to celebrate and so we are going to let you purchase ANY items from the Guest Hollow store for “76” percent of their normal price! That is 24 percent off!
Just enter the code 1776 at the time of checkout and you will receive a WHOPPING 24 percent off of your order!

This sale is strictly limited to July 3rd until July 5th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We won FIRST place in SIX categories!

Practical Homeschool Awards - 1st place winner

– We want to THANK YOU!!!!!!
It is with a great sense of gratitude and deep honor that GuestHollow.com announces that we have been selected for not one, not three, not five, but SIX awards by the readers of Practical Homeschooling Magazine!
A few weeks ago we received a surprise call from Mary Pride over at Practical Homeschooling Magazine. She was requesting an interview with us and some photos… She shared the AMAZING news, (news that we have had had to keep under wraps for weeks), – that GuestHollow’s WONDERFUL CUSTOMERS voted SIX of our curricula into FIRST PLACE in SIX categories for Practical Homeschooling Magazines Homeschooling Reader Awards!
Receiving any ONE of these awards would be no small thing for ANY homeschool material producing company, but for a little literal mom and pop company like GuestHollow to earn SIX?!?! Well, this is just way beyond what we would ever have expected, and we truly have YOU to thank for this!

As I have sometimes shared, GuestHollow is such a tiny company that we do not even have an advertising budget. We rely completely on YOU, our customers, to let other people know that GuestHollow.com even exists! So imagine the utter jaw-dropping and giddy celebrations that happened here at the GuestHollow home-office when we got Mary’s call!


We just cannot thank ALL OF YOU enough for believing in us enough to nominate GuestHollow for these awards and for voting a multiplicity of GuestHollow curricula into the FIRST PLACE slot of six awards!
Grab a copy of Practical Homeschooling Magazine’s Summer 2020 edition and open it up! I would like to direct your attention to page 12 where there is an article titled “Be Their Guest”. The article starts out with the sentences:
“Guest Hollow came out of nowhere to be one of 2020’s biggest Reader Award Winners. “Why had we not heard about this company before, we wondered. So our publisher Mary Pride, tracked down Jennifer and Charles Guest to hear their story.”

The article/interview then devotes 3 / 4 of a page to detailing who we are, where we came from, what we do, and what some of our future plans are. Practical Homeschooling also posted a photograph of Jenn holding up some of the GuestHollow curricula in our home/office library.


Again, we have all of YOU, our truly loyal customers, to thank for this. It is only because of YOU that Mary Pride at practical Homeschooling – https://www.practicalhomeschooling.com/ learned about us. Indeed, almost all of our NEW customers have learned about us from YOU generously taking some time to share about GuestHollow.com with others online and elsewhere.
So, would you like to know what it was that YOU voted GuestHollow into winning?
Well, we would humbly like to share with you that we swept some very important categories. And so without any more ado here is a list of the Practical Homeschooling Awards that we were selected to receive:
Somehow we tied for PRACTICAL HOMESCHOOLING’S ***FIRST PLACE*** AWARDS for ALL of the following GuestHollow Materials:
-> GUEST HOLLOW HIGH SCHOOL AMERICAN HISTORY in the History Category of the Practical Homeschooling 2020 Reader Awards
-> BEOWULF’S GRAMMAR in the Grammar Category of the Practical Homeschooling 2020 Reader Awards
-> GUESTHOLLOW HIGH SCHOOL BIOLOGY in the High School Biology Category of the Practical Homeschooling 2020 Reader Awards
-> GUESTHOLLOW HIGH SCHOOL CONCEPTUAL PHYSICS in the High School Physics Category of the Practical Homeschooling 2020 Reader Awards
-> GUESTHOLLOW GEOGRAPHY COURSES in the Geography Category of the Practical Homeschooling 2020 Reader Awards
-> GUESTHOLLOW HIGH SCHOOL CHEMISTRY IN THE KITCHEN – in the High School Chemistry Category of the Practical Homeschooling 2020 Reader Awards
Again, we want to thank all of you for your support and we are totally humbled (and of course excited beyond belief) to have won so many first-place awards in the Practical Homeschooling 2020 Reader Awards. Thank you for being part of the GuestHollow family.
Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. 🙂 

Spring sale!

Guest Hollow spring sale

Save 10% with our spring sale!

If we were still homeschooling, we’d wish for some curriculum sales right about now, so that we could spend our stimulus check a bit more thriftily. That’s why we’ve made a spring sale to help you save. Use the code: springSTIMULUS at the Guest Hollow store and save 10% off your cart until May 18th!


<3 Parents and kids love Guest Hollow!Save 10% with our spring sale!


Please vote for us!

Vote for us!
Guest Hollow has been nominated for the 2020 Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards! Please vote for us!
We are listed in 6 categories: grammar, geography, history, biology, high school chemistry, and high school physics.
The results of the ballot will be printed in a future issue of Practical Homeschooling Magazine. We would LOVE for other homeschoolers to learn about us!! You also could win a Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit worth up to 1,159 for voting in the ballot. Ballots have to be completed by March 20th!
Thanks for helping to spread the Guest Hollow love! <3

Leap Year Sale

Guest Hollow Homeschool CurriculumGuestHollow’s First Quadrennial Leap-Year FLASH SALE Starts NOW!
Hello everyone! It is my pleasure to announce that GuestHollow is having a 1-day-only LEAP YEAR SALE! Starting right now and ending at 23:59 hours (midnight) on Saturday you can participate in our little bit of silliness and save FIVE PERCENT on your ENTIRE ORDER from the GuestHollow.com store with out “LEAP on it!” sale! LOL! 😀

How do you get GuestHollow materials for 5% off? Simple! At checkout, just enter the discount code:


All characters are lowercase and the first character is a lowercase “L” as in lincoln or lima.

Please like and share this on your page, or download the graphic and post it on others!

Happy February 29TH!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest Hollow’s Huge New Year’s Sale!

New Year's Sale 2020


Good morning everyone! We hope you had a safe and fantastic New Year’s Eve!!
As promised in the past few weeks, GuestHollow.com delayed its Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Small Business Saturday Sale until —- NOW! —- THIS SALE IS A BIG ONE!

Why did we hold off our yearly Black Friday Sale until now? Well, in part, we remember what it is like to homeschool on a tight budget and we wanted to make sure you were not getting hit with Christmas, Thanksgiving, AND homeschool curriculum expenditures all at the same time!

So here are the details:

— From January First through January Tenth, 2020 you will get a huge 25 PERCENT discount ON YOUR ENTIRE ORDER when you purchase items at GuestHollow.com
— Go to http://www.guesthollow.com and select the items you are interested in from the GuestHollow store ( https://guesthollow.com/store/ )
— At checkout, copy and paste the following coupon code into your order and a full TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT will be deducted from your total upon checkout!

Coupon code:


If you have any questions on how this all works, about the curriculum, or anything else having to do with GuestHollow.com PLEASE do post about it on any of our GuestHollow Facebook Groups or contact us via email at: guesthollow@memorableplaces.com

Finally, we do have one really important favor to ask… We REALLY need you to share about our sale and to let as many people as you can know about GuestHollow.com . If you are on Facebook PLEASE like and share our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/guesthollow/
We also would love it if you would like and share the announcement about this sale that is on that page.

If you are a member of any homeschool forums, please post and let the people on the forums know about this too 🙂

We are a tiny mom and pop company that does not yet have an advertising budget, so ANY help you can give us by telling others about this sale and about our products would be extremely helpful and deeply appreciated. Any publicity really helps us.

Happy belated Black Friday, Happy Small Business Saturday, Happy Cyber Monday, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year 2020!!!

Black Friday announcement!

Guest Hollow Sale

Good morning everyone! We hope you had a tremendous Thanksgiving!
As promised in my last post, GuestHollow.com is going to do Black Friday/Cyber Monday a bit differently this year 🙂 Instead of forcing you budget in your curriculum right as you are trying to prepare for Christmas, and after spending a fortune on Thanksgiving, we have decided to ANNOUNCE our big year-end-sale today, but to hold off and give you until January to budget and get ready for it! 😀
So – here is what you need to do.
1) Write down the Black Friday coupon code which just happens to be: GuestHollowRocksJanuary1
2) Come back to GuestHollow.com between January 1st and January 10th, 2020 and select all of the Guest Hollow materials you would like to purchase.
3) SMILE when you find out that this coupon code will allow you to take a massive 25 PERCENT off of your ENTIRE order beginning on January 1st! That’s right, stuff your cart as full as you want to in early January and the entire purchase will be discounted twenty-five percent when you put in the discount code GuestHollowRocksJanuary1 at checkout!!!!!
4) Go enjoy your holidays and study up! 😉 Review what GuestHollow.com has to offer at your leisure in the next few weeks, read some reviews, join any or all of the numerous Guest Hollow Facebook groups, ask questions, and come back in 2020 for a non-traditional but truly hefty sale!
5) Remember to go to guesthollow.com during the sale (Jan 1-10)!
If you have any questions on how this all works, about the curriculum, or anything else PLEASE do post about it on our Facebook Groups or contact us via http://www.guesthollow.com
Happy Black Friday, Happy Small Business Saturday, Happy Cyber Monday, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year in advance!

Easy to copy and paste coupon code:

Black Friday?

Black Friday Sale Code

– WHAT!?!?
Happy Thanksgiving Week everyone!!!!! As you all know, Guest Hollow is a NON-TRADITIONAL curriculum company… So we thought to ourselves… HEY, why not have a NON-TRADITIONAL Black Friday Sale? In fact, let’s cut our customers a break and not even have our big sale on Black Friday at all?
I don’t know about you but we have been absolutely deluged with companies trying to sell us a plethora of Christmas gifts. Advertisements about “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday” and “Small Business Saturday” have filled our screens and mailbox for weeks now. To be honest, we’re kinda sick of it. 😉
Soooooooo… this year we decided not to be part of your annual holiday problem. While you are budgeting in Thanksgiving food, Christmas gifts, a trip to Grandma’s, and your normal day-to-day expenses, perhaps it would be good to get a little breathing room and NOT have to buy your homeschool curriculum at the same time… does this make sense? I HOPE SO! 😀
Anyway, here is the scoop… Instead of making you sit down and try to figure out a way to budget in next semester’s Guest Hollow goodies NOW, we are going to let 2020 get here and have our gigantic sale during the first week or so in January!
Here is how the big Guest Hollow wintertime sale will work:
On Black Friday we will release a coupon code, but it WILL NOT BE ACTIVATED until January First! You can then return to GuestHollow.com in early January and place your orders just as if it was Black Friday/Cyber Monday/ Small Business Saturday, save a bundle of money, not break your Christmas budget on curriculum at exactly the worst time of year, and generally do all of the above in a relaxed fashion.
Hopefully this will give you time to look over GuestHollow.com, read some reviews, do a little investigation and make your buying decisions AT YOUR LEISURE for the next month or so and then when January rolls around (and the holiday madness is behind you) the Guest Hollow sale will start and you will still reap the rewards of our giant traditional Black Friday sale.
We’d love to hear your feedback on this so please DO let us know what you think below…