I nearly wish I had a baby so I could buy these books…

Well, O.K. that’s a huge exaggeration. I’ve had teens and that pretty much cured any baby yearnings I may have had in the past… 😉 But still….these books are so deliciously CUTE! They combine adorableness (perfect for babies & toddlers) with the classics (perfect for literature loving moms & dads).

Cozy Classics

I always worked hard to nurture the love of literature in my children from an early age. I wish this brilliant idea of a baby board book was around when they were in arms. What a perfect way to introduce babies to time-honored stories and characters! Babies won’t have any idea of what is going on, but after cutting their teeth on these board books (perhaps literally, lol) they’ll at least have a foundation of being introduced to some of the greatest stories of all time. How many of us can say we loved Pride and Prejudice before we could read a word? 🙂 Thanks to Cozy Classics, that can be a reality for your nerdy baby (and I say that as a compliment).

Each book features felted figures (cozy!) in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. The pictures look almost 3-D and remind me of some of the story books I used to have (and adore) as a child.

Each page features one word on the left side of the 2 page spread and felted character or objects on the 2nd that illustrate a part of the classic story. I find the illustrations (photographs actually) to be really original and endearing.

classics for kids

If I had a baby, I would get these books. Even without one, as a collector of children’s books, I’m highly tempted… They are lovely! Who said babies can’t be homeschooled? Start their love of literature with these sweet introductions to the classics!

Here are some pages from the Jane Austin book:

jane austin for babies

Here are some pages from the Moby Dick book:

Moby Dick for babies

I was given free e book versions of these adorable board books in exchange for my honest review.

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