Treasure Coins

We are on week 12 in Adventures in Sea & Sky and currently learning about pirates. To add a hands-on element to that part of our learning, I added in a fun component: historical replica coins! I got the Treasure Coin Set awhile back in anticipation of our getting to this point in our studies.


Otter loves coins and has a small collection so I thought these replicas would be a fun addition to our studies. I pulled them out today and he LOVED them. It really made history “come alive”. After looking at them, we looked each one up on the Internet to get more information and found out where some of them were made and how they were used as well as how much they would be worth today, if they were real (as well as how much they would have been worth then).

Here is one site we looked at for some of the information: New World Treasures.

The coins were such a hit I’m thinking about ordering the other sets for our future studies:

  • Coins of the Bible
  • Colonial Coins
  • American Revolution Coins
  • California Gold Rush Coins

You can order them from Rainbow Resource. Search for coin and/or coins to find the sets.

In the past, when the big kids studied the Romans I ordered some REAL Roman coins from Dirty Old Coins. The kit (Emperor in a Box) is expensive, but it’s really something to hold a genuine, coin that was used in ancient times. I plan on re-ordering a kit for Otter so he can experience the excitement of restoring a coin himself.

I highly recommend using real coins (or replicas when the real coins are too cost prohibitive) to add to your history studies. The real coins are not only fun but also a small investment in a real and potentially valuable collection. Most kids really enjoy collecting coins and there is a lot to learn from them. It’s also fun to imagine who might have held each coin and wonder about where it might have been and what it might have been spent on.