Bible Lapbook and Notebook Pages

I have some new Bible lapbook and notebook printables posted to my site. Twenty-nine pages of activities cover a variety of subjects like purity, character traits, making right choices, etc. I’ve also uploaded some more Bible handwriting and copywork pages in several popular handwriting fonts such as Handwriting Without Tears, D’Nealian and more. Click on the image to go to the free downloadable printables. Feel free to pin the image below at Pinterest or share on your website!

Free Bible printablesP.S. I didn’t forget about posting part 2 to my “Sometimes Homeschoolers Worry Too Much About College” series of posts. I’ll hopefully get to that soon!


Want to make your own copywork and handwriting pages?

Do want to make your own copywork and handwriting pages? Check out these links:

  • ZB Fonts Online Wow! You can easily make some beautiful Zaner-Bloser templates to instantly print out for FREE. Just choose your parameters (grade level, cursive or manuscript), type in the text and press print.
  • My personal fave: StartWrite You have to purchase it, but StartWrite has lots of different handwriting fonts as well as flexibility and the ability to add art to your pages. Great if you are using HWOT!
  • Download a free cursive font or a manuscript font with lines at Donna Young’s site.
  • Educational Fontware Inc. – A little expensive, but you can use the fonts in various applications (unlike StartWrite).
  • – You can make worksheets to trace or copy. Only two fonts are available.

    Click here to read my other post on handwriting fonts you can purchase.