Vid Angel


I discovered Vid Angel not too long ago and LOVE what it offers. You can rent movies online and watch on your computer or devices or via Chromecast, Apple TV or ROKU. We already watch a lot of online movies via Amazon, so what’s so special about Vid Angel? Vid Angel will FILTER out unwanted content!! Want to watch Game of Thrones without the smut? Vid Angel makes it so you can do that. It does so with tons of new and popular movies. You are in control of the settings. You can choose to mute bad language, remove any s*x, nudity or immodesty, alcohol & drug use, violence, blood and gore, and other offensive or negative elements.

Each movie has its own set of sliders. There are lists of each potentially offensive moment and you can choose to set the sliders to disallow (or allow) specific content.


Vid Angel also lets you know if a scene is important to the story so you’ll know if your choices are affecting plot elements. Vid Angel will even alert you to spoilers so you don’t ruin a movie’s surprises, too:

vid angel

Every deletable or mutable scene (or bad word) is explained so you can customize it for whomever is viewing a movie with you (your 6 year old vs. your 16 year old). You also get to see a timeline of the movie that shows you how your choices have affected the movie playback time:


So, here is my shameless request…if 5 people click on the link below and watch a movie on Vid Angel, I get one year of free movies. If you are interested, please try it out, because I need a free year of movies, lol! It’s a great service and a way to clean up movies for yourself or your kids. Movie (and TV show) rentals are cheap too! You can rent an HD movie for just $2.00 (SD movies are $1.50)! No more worrying if Redbox doesn’t have a copy of the movie you want to watch or having to get a movie back to the kiosk. Just click and stream! Another great feature is that if you rent a movie and end up loving it so much that you want to buy it, your rental amount counts toward the purchase price!

Click here to check out Vid Angel!! Movies minus the bosoms, blood & bad words!

The History Shelf – A New Part of Our Website!

The History Shelf







We have a new part of our website up: The History Shelf. Ever want to read a book or watch a movie set in a specific time period but don’t know where to start searching? With the History Shelf you can choose a time period via the timeline and browse books and videos for all ages in a visual, easy to browse manner. There are books listed for all ages with separate columns for adults and children to make browsing your choices easier.

If you are homeschooling, browse the timeline to find literature and video supplements for your favorite history program. Or, if you just want to find something for yourself to read or watch, it’s as easy as looking up the time period and clicking on the book or movie cover for more information on each book title and movie.

I LOVE history and will continue to add tons more books and videos to the History Shelf.

Feel free to post and share the graphic above if you want to spread the word!

Happy reading and watching!