Printable Passport and Butterfly Notebooking Page

Otter’s science has been updated and a new Microsoft Word document created for those of you with older copies of the software. I consider it pretty much finished, except that as we work through the materials this year, I will likely tweak things here and there. There are also just a couple of books that don’t have page listings scheduled in because I haven’t received them yet.

I’ve really enjoyed getting emails in from those of you who are planning to use Otter’s Science! For those of you who are making alternate schedules, let me know if you’d like to share and I’ll post your alternative plan(s) for everyone else.

Here’s a preview of some more new printables posted:

Pretend printable passport Pretend printable passport
I made this pretend passport to use with CAW. The PDF has 3 pages to print out: a cover, an info page and blank pages for your country stamps. Click here to access it.

Notebooking printable butterflies

I offered to make a friend a notebooking page for her daughter. This is what was requested and here it is for everyone else! Visit our notebooking printables that feature “illustration boxes” to download it.