Sea & Sky and Pirates

Today in Sea & Sky we did an experiment that demonstrates how bioluminescent fish camouflage themselves when they swim in mid-ocean depths where there’s scattered light.

Camouflaged fish activity

Otter punched a bunch of holes into one end of a shoe box. He then took two identically shaped fish cut outs and placed them into the box in front of the holes. The paper fish on the left is solid and you can see how a predator can more easily see the outline of the fish. The paper fish on the right has holes punched into it to simulate the bioluminescent camouflage of some deep sea fish. It’s outline is harder to see, especially when there is movement and different parts of the fish “twinkle”.

The Great Pirate Activity BookWe also have a book scheduled to start this week called The Great Pirate Activity Book. It has nice illustrations and some interesting information but it encourages kids to pretend to be pirates (which is all about stealing and so on). I didn’t feel 100% comfortable with encouraging that, so instead Bear set up all the pirate Playmobil. Now otter is playing that the good guys are capturing the bad pirates.

This book will give me some good opportunities to discuss some things with Otter like the title of one of the pages: A Short Life But A Merry One. Sometimes doing bad things IS fun. I’m going to talk to him about that particular issue. There are also some other things I will go over with him like the following quotes from the book:

“Others had run away from jail, slave owners, or unhappy marriages!”

From that I’m going to discuss running away from things, trying to get out of consequences and about what God says about marriage.

“Pirates could make more money out of one lucky raid than an honest sailor could earn in all his years at sea!”

We’re going to discuss “getting rich quick” and how doing it the honest way usually takes a lot of time and hard work and why it’s worth it to do it God’s way.

“They also liked to dance and sing, and to drink rum and brandy – when they could get it!”

This one’s pretty obvious. Our family doesn’t drink alcohol. That doesn’t mean we condemn responsible drinking, but we personally have decided to abstain. I will go over what the Bible says about drinking and specifically drunkenness. We’ll go over some of the popular pirate songs that feature drinking and they way pirates approached alcohol (like in the book Treasure Island where the pirates do some really stupid things and make some mistakes in their plan because they were all dead drunk). We’ll talk about what alcohol does to your body and brain.

We’ll still do some of the crafts in the book like make a sword (good guys need swords too!), make a porthole, create an ancient map and so on. I think it’s an easy book to adapt to our own personal beliefs.

Here are some picture of Otter’s Playmobil pirates (with a few Fisher Price pirate stuff left over from when Emily was about 6, LOL):

Pirate playmobil

playmobil pirates


playmobil pirates

I don’t think you can get the pirate island we have anymore (I bought it for Emily and Bear YEARS ago), but Amazon has some pirate sets:

Playmobil SuperSet Pirate Island

Playmobil Pirate Corsair

Playmobil Pirate Dinghy

Playmobil is a fun way to act out what you are learning. I REALLY love the new Egypt and Roman sets. I think we have so much Playmobil now though that I won’t be able to justify getting anymore, LOL!