Printable Timeline

I recently received a request for “extra” timeline pages for the free printable timeline I feature on my website. Instead of creating a bunch of new pages, which I don’t have time for right now, I went ahead and made an editable PDF. Now you can add in your own dates and customize the timeline dates without having to write them in by hand. Just open the PDF, type in the custom dates and print!

Using a timeline is a terrific way to help kids visualize when things happened. With a timeline, different people and events can be put into context. We’ve used our timeline for years and often paste in the covers of books we’ve read. The end result is a beautiful scrapbook of not only the things we’ve learned but many of the books we’ve read as well!

In an upcoming post I’ll show you pictures of Otter’s timeline so you can see one in action. For now, here are the free timeline downloads:

Timeline cover



Boy’s Timeline Cover

Girl’s Timeline Cover

Timeline Spine



B.C. Timeline Pages
30 pages:
(4100 B.C. – 0 B.C.)
The Ancient World
The Classical World

A.D. Timeline Pages
70 pages
(0 A.D. – 2010 A.D.)
The Classical World
Early Middle Ages
Middle Ages
Trade & Empire
Revolution and Independence
Unification and Colonization
The World at War
The Modern World

Blank Timeline Page (Use this page to print out extras or to make smaller timeline portions. This is the new editable PDF so you can add in your own custom dates!!)

Finally, here is a timeline figures template (scroll to below the image for the links). Add in images from online & type in your own dates, names, etc. to customize.

timeline figures template

Timeline figure template in .doc format

Timeline figure template in .docx format

If you aren’t using a timeline in your homeschool, give it a try! You might be surprised at how it helps your children better retain their history lessons.


Botany printable

I made another botany printable for my free botany curriculum.  I’ll continue to post printables for it as I create them!

Stems printable worksheet (sheet 1) – Learn stem related vocabulary words with definitions under each vocabulary word flap. Cut out the transport trucks that show the items a stem transports to different parts of the plant.

Stems printable worksheet

Stems printable (sheet 2 with cut outs)

Stems printable worksheet

After completing this activity, identify the same items on a real branch or plant!

Seasons Printable for Little Otters ;-)

I made this seasons printable for a friend awhile back. Now I’m sharing it here, in time for Autumn. The printable PDF has a poem to memorize (by me!), shows which months are in which season and has traditional descriptions of season related facts.

The cartoon boy is Pip, from a series of phonics readers I wrote and illustrated for my children when they were just learning to read. Hmmm…maybe that’s a project for the future (putting those readers online)!

Want a personalized version of the printable below? The first 5 readers to ask will get it. I’ll put your child’s name in the comic in 2 places and email you your copy!


Click to download the seasons printable.

Grammar Help Sheet

Grammar help sheet

We are currently using MCT (Michael Clay Thompson Language Arts Curriculum) for grammar. Otter LOVES it. He loves the characters and the creative approach to what can sometimes be a boring subject. He liked the book Paragraph Town so much, he said he’d like to use it in his free time! We hit a snag though when we started working out of the Practice Town book. In that workbook, you are supposed to analyze a sentence and practice the concepts learned in Grammar Town. You mark the parts of speech for each word, parts of a sentence (subject, action verb, etc.), phrases and then clauses on four separate lines. Otter was having a hard time remembering everything he was supposed to write down. To help him remember all of the things we’ve been learning, I made him this grammar help sheet.

If you are a fellow MCT user, I hope you might be able to get some use out of it too!

Incorporating Independent Study in Your Day

WinterPromise includes independent study assignments in the Adventures in Sea & Sky instructor’s guide. You can see an example here on page 4. I didn’t end up using them though because we do most of the scheduled activities together. However, I think the sheets are a GREAT idea so I designed a simple schedule of things for Otter to accomplish on his own each day.

Independent study schedule

After eating breakfast, Otter knows exactly what he needs to do by looking at his schedule. I have all of the items he’ll need to use in a neat pile near his school desk. For any lapbook assignments, I have a printed sheet with information he may need to work from or copy in his lapbook folder and all of the lapbook printables ready to go. Teaching Textbooks is installed on a computer that does NOT have Internet and there are headphones available to him so he can concentrate on his work and not disturb anyone. After he gets all of his independent work done he’s allowed to have free time until we start school together later in the day. Before starting our other work, I check over his independent lessons to see how he did and answer any questions, etc.

I like this because it encourages Otter to take some responsibility for his own learning. It’s also helping him develop some good work habits.

If you are interested in giving something like this a try, you can download a copy of our schedule by clicking on the image above and alter it to work for your own children.