History Timeline Schedule Update

Homeschool History Curriculum

It was recently brought to my attention that some visitors to my site couldn’t access the entire right-hand side of the online Awesome History Timeline Schedule pages. I’ve fixed the html and now you should be able to see ALL of the assignments, even if you have a smaller monitor screen. Just scroll back and forth horizontally using the bottom of your browser bar.

For those of you unfamiliar with this FREE homeschool history curriculum, it’s completely based on WHEN things happened and covers both American and world history at the same time. It’s set up so that you can study American history by itself, world history by itself or both together (my preference). It’s totally flexible and can work as a stand-alone curriculum or can be used to supplement any other history program.

I designed it because I got sick and tired of history curriculums jumping from one event to the next going back and forth in time. How confusing!  It was always difficult to keep track of what was happening in the context of time. It was also nearly impossible to see how so many events in history are interrelated! With the History Timeline Schedule, a student can immediately see in a VISUAL context things like how the French Revolution followed the American Revolution, what was happening in the Americas during Henry the VIII’s reign, and that Victoria became Queen of England right after Texans lost the Battle of the Alamo.

As with all my other homeschool programs, I’ve scheduled in lots of goodies like “living books”, colorful non-fiction, hands-on activities, video suggestions, map assignments, art & music studies. It’s probably best used as-is for 6th graders and up, but you can easily adapt it for 1st grade to adult learners.

The History Timeline Schedule is totally flexible! Don’t like a book I scheduled in or can’t access it at your local library for free? Replace it with ANY other suitable book. Just plug your book (or activity or video) into the correct time slot. It’s that easy! Want even more book and video suggestions? Visit my free History Shelf that follows the same timeline format but has hundreds and hundreds more book and video suggestions for an even greater variety of ages.

Happy homeschooling!

Incorporating Independent Study in Your Day

WinterPromise includes independent study assignments in the Adventures in Sea & Sky instructor’s guide. You can see an example here on page 4. I didn’t end up using them though because we do most of the scheduled activities together. However, I think the sheets are a GREAT idea so I designed a simple schedule of things for Otter to accomplish on his own each day.

Independent study schedule

After eating breakfast, Otter knows exactly what he needs to do by looking at his schedule. I have all of the items he’ll need to use in a neat pile near his school desk. For any lapbook assignments, I have a printed sheet with information he may need to work from or copy in his lapbook folder and all of the lapbook printables ready to go. Teaching Textbooks is installed on a computer that does NOT have Internet and there are headphones available to him so he can concentrate on his work and not disturb anyone. After he gets all of his independent work done he’s allowed to have free time until we start school together later in the day. Before starting our other work, I check over his independent lessons to see how he did and answer any questions, etc.

I like this because it encourages Otter to take some responsibility for his own learning. It’s also helping him develop some good work habits.

If you are interested in giving something like this a try, you can download a copy of our schedule by clicking on the image above and alter it to work for your own children.